Inspiration For Modern Garage Plans And Styles maigne|May 23, 2019

Inspiration for Modern Garage Plans and Styles

What are the best modern garage plans and styles?

  1. Drive-Through Design – The ideal garage design for housing multiple vehicles.
  2. Detached Garage Design – Detached garages offer more space without having to conform with the size of your home.
  3. Carport Design – Carports allow you to have small rooms for various functions
  4. Multi-Use Garage Designs – These large garage buildings provide the most space, and can serve as an extension of your home.

The garage has become a staple of the modern home, providing a secure location to keep and maintain your vehicle. Over the years, the garage has developed from simply being a location to house your vehicle to becoming an extension of the house itself. This makes a garage that was built using construction materials from the Philippines an important part of your home that houses your vehicle, tools, and other important household items and supplies.

With the introduction of automatic doors to customizable storage layouts, Garage design has also seen numerous innovations as well. These innovations allow for more flexible and modern garage plans and styles that house your vehicle, while also complimenting your home needs. There are a variety of plans and styles to choose from, and here are some great ideas to take inspiration when creating your own garage design for your home.

Drive-Through Design

An increasing number of households own multiple vehicles, with some families owning at least two or three vehicles. This can be a challenge for certain households, as most garages are only fit to accommodate one vehicle at a time. It is best to solve this problem by constructing a drive-through garage that not only solves the problem of housing space for your vehicles but also adds more space for additional household supplies and items.

Drive-through garage designs can usually accommodate two to three vehicles at any given time. With doors situated on each side of the garage, you would be able to move your vehicle out, without having to worry about moving your other vehicles out of the way. If you own multiple vehicles and need a lot of space, the drive-through design is the best option for you.

Detached Garage Design

Detached Garage Design

Garage buildings are commonly attached to their homes to allow for seamless movement when moving in between rooms. While it has the advantage of allowing to quickly move across different rooms, some attached garages have limited space because they have to conform with the size of the home itself, which tends to be the common issue with attached garage designs in smaller homes.

This makes detached garage designs a much more spacious option, as you can have a larger garage that provides more space for your vehicle, household tools, and other storage items. Detached garages can also act as tool sheds where you can work on various DIY projects. If you’re looking to have a bigger garage space a few steps away from your home, a detached garage design will work best for you.

Carport Design

One of the larger and more expensive designs, a carport garage design provides you with a great amount of floor space for your vehicles, along with additional rooms that can serve a variety of functions. Similar to detached garages, carports are dedicated garage buildings that are away from your home. You also get a good amount of space for your vehicle along with your parts and tools. This makes a carport an ideal design for those looking for a garage with space that allows you to accommodate your tools and work on your vehicle. It is worth noting that some carport designs are open designs that do not have doors, which means that protective covering is still necessary when keeping your car in the garage.

The extra rooms can also be used for functions other than storage. You can use the space to create your own small home gym, an office, or even a hobby space. If you are looking to maximize the space for your vehicles and add more functionality to the traditional home garage the carport is the ideal design for your needs.

Multi-Use Garage Design

Multi Use Garage Design

Expanding the concept of the carport, multi-use garages are even bigger designs that provide large room spaces, along with spacious vehicle spaces. Some multi-use garages can even look like small houses with their size, offering living room-like spaces that you can use as an extension of your house. Some multi-use garages also contain basement level storage areas, which provides a larger storage space compared to what you would get with detached garage designs.

This design can take time and a lot of construction materials from the Philippines for the project to be accomplished, as the larger size requires some strong materials like steel beams for the best structural integrity. Despite the large size and long construction time, multi-use garages provide the most space and functionality compared to other garage designs.

Key Takeaway

With a wide variety of garage designs available, picking one that provides you with the right amount of space for your vehicles along with spaces for other functions will always be the best option. With these modern garage designs and styles, you will be able to find inspiration for your ideal place to house your vehicles.