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    Pipe & Tubings

    Steel pipes and tubings are hollow cylindrical structures that come in diverse sizes and types, customizable to specific requirements, and are characterized by their outside diameter. These materials are made from steel and are widely used across industries for its resilience and resistance to corrosion.

    Steel pipes and tubings are used to convey fluid substances that can flow, proving indispensable in underground gas and water transportation in cities. The resilience of these products to environmental factors makes them ideal for heating, plumbing, and varied construction needs as well.

    Types of Pipes & Tubings Offered by Regan

    There are different types of steel pipes and tubings that Regan offers, crafted from hot rolled metal coils, boast a hollowed-out structure, offering cost efficiency and an impressive strength-to-weight ratio.

    ERW Pipes

    Seamless Steel Pipes

    Large Diameter Pipes


    Lightweight Structural Fence Tubes