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May 16, 2019

How Steel Parking Lots Hold All the Weight

How does steel play a role in the construction of parking infrastructures?

  1. Steel’s durable properties
  2. Steel vs. concrete parking garages
  3. Combines steel and concrete in parking garages


In the Philippines, steel parking lots can hold the weight of up to 50 cars at once. The durability of steel paired with the expert planning of local contractors can create a stable structure that can withstand extreme weather conditions. In other cases, steel is combined with concrete to create an even more heavy-duty parking lot. Read on to learn more about the benefits of steel and concrete parking garages.


Steel’s Durable Properties

Steel’s Durable Properties

Cars can be as heavy as 4,000 pounds for just one vehicle, and that’s without any passengers. With this measurement, parking garages will have to withstand the weight of around 20,000 pounds of machinery. Steel is highly utilized in the construction of infrastructure due to the material’s ability to withstand heavy loads. When strategically placed together, steel floor beams and columns can easily distribute and support the large weight.

To further strengthen the structure, steel can be paired with concrete or undergo the process of hot-dip galvanization. In order to strengthen the metal’s non-corrosiveness, it undergoes a process called hot-dip galvanizing. The material is dipped into molten zinc in order to give it an extra protective layer.

Steel structures are also fast to build and are more affordable compared to other construction materials. This can save the companies a lot of money and time to create their parking garage. This is an ideal choice for companies aiming to open a parking garage to the public on a set date. Besides being quick to set up, steel structures are highly sustainable. Their non-corrosive properties can help it withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions, making them easy to maintain for a number of years.


Steel vs. Concrete Parking Garages

Pure Steel Parking Garage

An exposed steel structure has a number of advantages over concrete parking garages. The first being the metal’s flexibility. Steel can be reformed and reshaped in a number of ways, depending on what the structure needs. Providers of steel and metal coils in the Philippines can provide ulterior choices depending on how the structure is designed. During the construction process, the metals can also be altered to fit any unforeseen changes. This property is unlikely in precast concrete as they come in set forms that require time if they need to be remade.

Steel structures are also incredibly lightweight. This would be the ideal material if the foundation of a structure needs to be deep. They can give a parking garage a unique aesthetic appeal as well as hold the weight of multiple cars.

Concrete Parking Garage

On the other hand, concrete comes in a number of mixes that can be proportioned in order to create more resistance to hazards such as fires and storms. The difference between concrete and steel in terms of non-corrosiveness is that the concrete mix makes the material itself resistant to the extremes. Steel requires a special coating that has to be observed and maintained to avoid corrosion.

Precast concrete is also quick to use, as they are built in another location and easily assembled once on-site. This would be the ideal material for a quick and effective construction process.


Combined Steel and Concrete in Parking Garages

Steel And Concrete Combos In Parking Garages

In recent years, parking garages have been made with the combination of steel and concrete. The frame may be steel with a concrete deck or a concrete frame reinforced with steel. It gives a double layer of protection as in the case of the concrete layer being damaged, the steel layer will still be able to uphold the structure.

This style is popular for parking garages in areas that experience seismic activities.

Popular types of concrete and steel parking garage styles are:

  • Steel Frame
  • Precast Concrete
  • Cast-in-Place Conventional Concrete
  • Cast-in-Place Post-Tensioned Concrete

Besides the material, the way columns and beams are arranged is key to holding all the weight of a parking garage. A well-used style to create columns and floor beams are Cast-in-Place Port-Tensioned Concrete. This makes use of steel cables that are pulled tight (tensioned) and covered with concrete. This tensioning strengthens the ability of the material to hold extreme weights. Providers of steel and metal coils in the Philippinescan provide the right kinds of metal to reinforce the structure.


Key Takeaway

Steel in the Philippines is used to strengthen structures in order to ensure the users’ protection. It is important to keep in mind the different factors that the structure may be exposed to, as it will be the basis of the materials and structural styles that should be used.

Check the structural integrity of a parking garage by observing for any corrosion in exposed metals or cracks in the concrete. If you are interested in creating a parking garage, talk to a professional contractor to establish what style would be the best for your next project.

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