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Quality, Versatility, and Excellent Service: Here’s What You Need from a Steel Supplier in Davao

Quality, Versatility, and Excellent Service: Here’s What You Need from a Steel Supplier in Davao

Selecting a steel supplier in Davao is critical as you will be relying on their steel products for raw materials, infrastructure, and other business needs. The sturdiness and reliability of those steel products, therefore, dictate the safety and quality you will be paying for and providing.

Regan Industrial Sales, Inc., a top-quality steel supplier in the Philippines, offers premium steel products in Davao that stand as the best for your specific needs. Partner with Regan Industrial Sales, Inc. today and have the edge over your competitors.


Industries that Use Steel Products in Davao 

Industries that Use Steel Products in Davao

As a highly urbanized city in the country, Davao City contains a diverse range of industries that use steel in their operations.


Steel is an essential material used in the construction industry. That’s why Regan is one of the top steel suppliers in Davao, and we provide steel with durability, high resistance to weathering, and versatile qualities to suit construction projects in the region.


When it comes to manufacturing machinery, equipment, metal fabrication, and automotive parts production, steel is a critical material used by various manufacturing companies in Davao City.

If you’re looking for the best steel supplier in Davao, contact Regan Industrial Sales, Inc., where you can find premium steel products made from high-quality materials.


Davao also uses steel for agriculture, such as in the construction of farm buildings, equipment, and irrigation systems. Our excellent steel products are ideal for heavy machinery and harsh environmental conditions, lasting decades despite exposure to the elements.


The land, sea, and air transport in Davao City relies on steel for various components, such as vehicles, ships, and airplanes. Our steel products’ strength, durability, and corrosion resistance make them the best material for the transportation industry in Davao.


Advantages of Using Steel from Regan Industrial Sales, Inc.

There are several advantages of using steel products from Regan Industrial Sales, Inc., including but not limited to the following:

Outstanding Strength, Durability, and Versatility

We know that Davaoeños select the best products for their specific needs. Thus, we only provide steel products with outstanding strength, durability, and versatility, especially for heavy-duty applications.

Sustainable Materials

As a steel supplier in Davao, we only manufacture steel products made with highly sustainable materials that can be recycled, with no loss in quality, reducing waste and conserving resources in the long run.

Fire Resistance

Regan Industrial Sales, Inc.’s products are extremely resistant to fire, making them a safe choice for buildings, bridges, and other structures in Davao. They have high melting points that can tolerate high temperatures without losing their capacity or strength.

Visually Appealing Designs

Our steel products are versatile, creating visually appealing architectural, interior, and art designs. They can be finished in various colors, textures, and finishes, providing an endless range of aesthetic possibilities to fit your every need.


Our steel products are easy to fabricate and require little to no maintenance, making them a cost-effective choice for many applications.

Experience the advantages of our steel products by partnering with Regan Industrial Sales, Inc.— your best steel supplier in Davao!


Steel Products We Supply in Davao

Steel Products We Supply in Davao

Regan Industrial Sales, Inc. offers a wide range of products, including flats, sections, pipes and tubings, and other steel products. Our exceptional ability to provide diverse options over time has established us as the best steel supplier in Davao.


Our flat steel products, such as mild steel plates, are commonly used for structural support in buildings and infrastructure projects. Meanwhile, the manufacturing industry also relies on flat steel, such as hot and cold rolled coils, to produce metal fabrication, machinery, equipment, and automotive parts.

Moreover, our checkered steel plates are used for various components of ships, vessels, and boats. Lastly, the agricultural and transportation industries in Davao can use our sheets or coils in construction, industrial, or architectural projects.


As your steel supplier in Davao, we can provide you with high-quality steel sheets, wide flanges, and bars as we are committed to providing our customers with excellent products to ensure they receive the best for their specific needs.

Pipe And Tubings

Our steel pipes and tubings are often used in water supply and drainage systems, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems, as well as in buildings, bridges, and other construction projects.

Manufactured to meet international standards, our black and galvanized steel products are made to meet all your application needs.

Other Steel Products

At Regan Industrial Sales, Inc., we constantly improve the features of our products, which is why we also offer rods, plates, and other novel structural materials for your specific needs at competitive prices. Inquire now to learn more about our steel products in Davao.


Steel Manufacturing Services We Provide in Davao

Steel Manufacturing Services We Provide in Davao

Regan Industrial Sales, Inc. aims to provide convenience to our customers in Davao. As a result, we are open to becoming your partner and steel supplier in Davao for whatever project you have in mind.

Angle Bar/Structural Section Bending

One of the specialized fabrication services we offer is the customization of angle bars through metal bending. We can transform your prototype or design to your specific requirements.

Base Plate/Sheet Perforation

Our perforation services are the top choice for plate perforation, equipped with cutting-edge equipment and advanced production technology.

Coil Shearing And Slitting

As a steel supplier in Davao, we provide clients with the ease of receiving coils in the form of sheets. Our machinery for shearing and slitting is of the latest and most advanced technology which allows for quicker production rates and more accurate end products.

Base Plate Cutting

We employ advanced technology for our base plate-cutting services. Regardless of the specific requirements and specifications for your project, we are fully equipped to provide the raw materials and end products that you need.

Heavy Beams Fabrication

Our range of steel sections, such as H-beams, I-beams, T-beams, and other equal-legged beams, are beneficial to our customers. Our beams have been meticulously designed, engineered, and made available to satisfy your preferences.


Over time, we have perfected our galvanizing methods to maintain consistency and quality in our services. We make sure that the equipment used in our process is always in good condition to prevent any defects in galvanizing and achieve an even coating.

Pipe Bending/Pipe Joining

We subject all pipes we provide to quality tests. We ensure that our steel pipes strictly adhere to the standards set by DTI under PNS 26: v.2018.

Sand Blasting

We perform sandblasting only in well-ventilated, controlled environments using thoroughly cleaned and inspected equipment to ensure health and safety. After that, our products are ready for coating using various techniques such as painting or galvanizing.


Why Choose Regan Industrial Sales, Inc. as Your Steel Supplier in Davao

Regan Industrial Sales, Inc. is a reputable steel supplier in Davao that offers several benefits to its Davaoeño customers.

Wide Range Of Options To Choose From

We offer a diverse range of steel products, including plates, beams, pipes, bars, and more in different sizes and grades, ensuring that customers can find the right product to suit their needs.

High-Quality Steel Products

We only provide high-quality  steel products that meet the highest industry standards to ensure that every product undergoes rigorous quality control tests before being dispatched to our customers.

Excellent Customer Service

As a steel supplier in Davao, our team of experienced and knowledgeable staff are available to assist you with your inquiries and orders.

On-Time Delivery

Regan Industrial Sales, Inc. understands the importance of the timely delivery of steel products to our customers in Davao. We have a reliable logistics system that ensures on-time delivery of products to our customers.


Partner with the Best Steel Supplier in Davao — Regan Industrial Sales, Inc. Inquire Today!

Regan Industrial Sales, Inc. is a top steel supplier in Davao with a reputation for delivering high-quality steel products and exceptional customer service. As your trusted partner in the industry, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best steel materials and services available in Davao.

Whether you need steel sheets, pipes, beams, coils, flats, sections, or something else, Regan Industrial Sales, Inc. has a wide range of steel products to suit your specific needs.

Inquire at Regan Industrial Sales, Inc. today, your best steel supplier in Davao.

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