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Conjure An Industrial-Style Loft With Steel Interiors

An Industrial Style Bedroom

How can you create an industrial-style loft home?

  1. Focus On The Main Features
  2. Design A Modern Living Room
  3. Create An Urban Industrial Bedroom
  4. Craft An Industrial Dining Room


Industrial-style lofts can be seen in a number of design magazines and online websites. And there is a reason why it’s so popular. If you’re tired of Nordic style or minimalist interiors, this alternate style is a modern way to upgrade and redesign any home. This is a high fashion style that creates a contemporary yet retro ambiance. It’s a little bit unfinished to the touch but the overall effect is a favorite of many. Here’s how you can do it at home.


Focus On The Main Features

A metal lamp fixture

To properly execute the theme, you need to focus on the main features of the industrial style. One of the features you should study is the unfinished look that’s bare but also clean with a flat finish. Its main point is to act as a combination of both industrial and manufactured designs and concepts.

The concept of industrial style locks is combined with minimalism without overcrowding the room. You must ensure that there’s a balance with how you make your layout. Think carefully about how you organize your items. Focus on details you particularly enjoy. This can be a unique accent piece, an accent wall, or steel wall art. The possibilities are endless with how you decorate your industrial style.


Design A Modern Living Room

A Modern Living Room

For a modern living room, you can create a seamless and aesthetic style by leaving a concrete wall bare. You can choose to add decorative steel piping to add more texture to the room. Balance the room out with wood textures to create more contrast. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color to keep it alive. Neutrals always look great, but if you can add one splash of color, you can improve the overall look and feel of the room. For the finishing touch, add a large indoor plant to draw the eye to one specific corner. It’s your choice where to place it. Do what feels right and looks balanced to you.


Create An Urban Industrial Bedroom

An Urban Industrial Bedroom

Urban industrial is cozy and meant for relaxation. Every aspect of an industrial bedroom should look inviting. Start with a metal bed frame for immediate contrast. Use layers of crisp linen bedding and plush pillows to create your own personal paradise. To prevent the floor from looking too drab, add a much-needed texture with rugs.

You can add even more metallic accents by using polished steel end tables that can be both functional and decorative. Adorn your life with modern designs or your favorite personal pieces to tie the space together. To amp up the industrial look, add a few brick accents and bare walls with exposed piping to bring the look together.


Craft An Industrial Dining Room

An Industrial Dining Room

Dining can be a simple or luxurious experience depending on what you eat and where you’re eating. The key to getting an industrial dining room design right is to keep your space open. If everything is cluttered, it’ll look messy and unorganized. An open look to your dining area will counterbalance the furniture you have, so keep everything properly spaced out.

Add a dash of steel by using metal lighting fixtures. Use this to contrast your wooden tables and chairs for a rustic structural mood. It doesn’t matter what color scheme you use for your dining room as long as you can create contrasting elements with industrial style steel decor.

Industrial-style lofts may also be used to create a New York-style bar area near your dining room. It’s best to keep the concrete look of your walls. Add some counters with elements of steel pipes to bring the style to life. There are tons of furniture that make use of the combination of steel and wood to create the balance that’s been mentioned in the previous sections. Barstools are a great example of this balance. Set it up strategically by your bar and don’t be afraid to add extra decor and creative clutter to bring your bar to the next level.


Key Takeaway

The industrial-style loft is one of the most popular interior and exterior styles in the modern era. There is something special about the old world look of exposed concrete, bricks, and elements of metal. Steel furniture and decor are an easy way to achieve this look at home. Choose from different designs such as abstract, rustic, minimalist, and modern. You can go as simple or as elaborate as you want with how you want to execute this style. Try out the industrial look at home by adding key steel pieces to bring everything together.

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