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The Art of Steel: Creative Ways To Use Steel For Spicing Up Your Home

An industrial style living room

How can you creatively use steel for home decor?

  1. Timeless Accents
  2. Industrial Style
  3. Metal Wall Art


Using steel at home is a concept that’s been used by many interior designers and architects over the years. There are many creative uses of steel at home that can instantly transform the look, feel, and vibe of your humble abode. Thankfully, this material is widely available at various leading department stores, furniture stores, and hardware stores. Here are some unique ideas to try out if you want to instantly upgrade your home’s style.


Timeless Accents

Close up of a metal sculpture

Steel is a durable material with a long lifespan. It can easily be molded into different shapes to create a bold statement. Its versatility is timeless, which makes it an optimal choice for decorating different interiors.

Steel artwork can also be used to create a timeless accent. Pieces such as sculptures and figurines made from steel can be combined with bold colors to create a dominant and stunning statement. For those going for a more minimalist style, steel can add sophistication to white and gray backdrops. In a more rustic setting, steel can easily be incorporated with a balance of natural materials like wood to give birth to a defined personal style.

You can also use it to draw attention to a certain area or to make an accent wall. If you’re a fan of the expressive art of sculpture, tons of artists in the market are developing art that looks amazing. These pieces add a touch of versatility that any space can benefit from.


Industrial Style

Industrial style kitchen

As mentioned in the previous section, steel is a versatile material that helps express a bold statement. The industrial style uses these elements for a fuss-free lofty warehouse look that’s very popular amongst modernists. The industrial style makes use of barebones architectural detailing like bricks, metal, and recycled materials. It makes the room feel flexible and environmentally friendly. The best part about the industrial style is that you can customize every element of your home to bring to life a look that’s uniquely yours.

Industrial interior design makes use of neutrals that can easily be combined with the sheen of steel. It’s easy to pull off a design concept that has both modern and timeworn elements. It’s all about layering and not being afraid to go out of the box.

The industrial style also fits well with spacious and open architecture. The multiple elements of the industrial style can look large in a small space and can easily close off the look of the room. There’s a way to go around this by keeping it simple and keeping it minimal. By creatively combining wood and metal together, you can easily create a contrast that’s an instant classic in any designer’s book.


Metal Wall Art

Picture frames and metal wall art

Metal wall art is an easy way to add an inspiring and empowering piece to display in your home. If you visit any well-designed home, you’ll find a common denominator in each. Most of the walls are adorned with various wall art, tapestries, photos, clocks, and more. It’s rare that you find a bare wall, even if it’s meant to be minimal. This is because blank walls close off any room. It can make a room feel boring and empty. If you don’t want these less than desirable outcomes, wall art is the way to go.

At the same time, to avoid a cluttered look, avoid over decorating your walls. Sometimes it’s tasteful to show restraint when you’re decorating. Try to start small and scale up as you go. Place the wall art where you need it the most and work your way there. Trust your gut when filling the space and choosing your wall art piece. An expensive item may feel like a statement but if it doesn’t fit your aesthetic, it can make your space stand out in a bad way.

Figure out the right scale to avoid a confusing look on your wall. It’s better to have intent with how you’re decorating instead of throwing everything together. For the scale, you can try creating a section where most of the wall art should be placed. If a sofa is placed in front of a wall, most of the wall art will look best if placed centered above the couch for emphasis.


Key Takeaway

These are some of the creative uses of steel at home. These concepts combine elements of interior design and popular styles. Your space should be a blank canvas of inspiration, and how you decorate it is how you finish your painting. Try using steel for a durable, timeless design that’s guaranteed to spice up your home.

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