Industrial Architecture Showcasing Steel In The Philippines maigne|May 31, 2019

Industrial Architecture Showcasing Steel in the Philippines

What are industrial architectural styles that showcase steel in the Philippines?

  1. Factory designs
  2. Rustic breweries and gastropubs
  3. Art Deco-designed homes
  4. Greenhouses
  5. Airports

The aesthetic of industrial architecture focuses on showcasing exposed parts of a building’s structure such as wood and metal. This can be seen with steel from the Philippines that are shaped into doors, railings, or simply just exposed beams and pipes in multiple establishments. However, this type of style was born out of a necessity rather than the development of a new look.

Industrial architecture came from the need for factories to reduce the possibility of fires that could destroy the entire structure. Steel quickly became the ideal material to make these large structures due to its fireproof properties as well as its sleek look. To reduce further chances of blazing fires, architects chose to not include too many layers to the steel factories they were building. This is what created the iconic industrial architectural style popular in a number of industries.

Nowadays, industrial architecture is used for more design purposes rather than out of necessity. In the Philippines specifically, industrial architecture is being utilized in a number of establishments that aim to make use of locally sourced products. Wood, steel, and bricks are used to create a rustic look. Here are a few examples of industrial architectural styles in the Philippines that showcase steel.

Factory Designs

The Philippines is known to be a producer of high-quality steel products. Items such as steel bars and coils in the Philippines are extremely durable and made through the best methodologies. Besides the products themselves, the actual manufacturing factories are made of an industrial architectural style. This is to ensure that the structure can withstand a long period of time as well as exposure to extreme heat. Steel is the ideal metal to use because of its durability and strength when exposed to high temperatures.

Besides manufacturing factories, there are also dining establishments whose architectural style makes use of steel.

Rustic Breweries and Gastropubs

Rustic Breweries And Gastropubs

When entering a brewery or a gastropub, more often than not you will be exposed to three kinds of materials: brick, wood, and steel. Different kinds of polished wood line up the interior and exterior of breweries, and can be used for a number of furniture. These pieces of wood can be dyed into different shades of brown. They also help encapsulate the rustic look when combined with steel. This can be seen in the design of stools with wooden seats with steel legs.

Steel is also used in breweries for their beer making process. Large steel containers can easily hold the weight of a large volume of liquid as well as the extreme heat and extreme cooling needed for the beer’s different processes. It keeps the liquid tasting as natural as its ingredients without introducing any metallic tastes into it. This can be a good reason as to why you would want to choose a rustic industrial architectural style for your business.

Art Deco-Designed Homes

There are a number of architectural home styles that utilize steel. One such architectural design is Art Deco. This type of style is known for its geometric properties that are crafted from different materials. Its design can easily be spotted in the presence of clean lines and complex shapes. Steel is the perfect medium to be able to create sleek and sturdy lines among multiple structures.     

The symmetry and simplicity of steel help encapsulate the Art Deco design. It is also a useful material to have for your home as it is incredibly low maintenance. With a special protective coating, steel can withstand constant rainy or sunny seasons for a long period of time.



Greenhouses in the Philippines make use of steel frames because of their durability. Stainless steel rods will need to carry the weight of glass and other protective coatings in order to protect the flora as well as provide it with sunlight. This means that steel in greenhouse gases will need to stay standing despite harsh weather conditions.


Another example of steel and glass foundations can be found in airports in the Philippines. Steel is highly utilized in airports in order to maintain the structural integrity of the building despite the extreme force from airplanes of varying sizes. They are also used because steel can withstand heavy loads, as a number of passengers walk through the halls of airports every hour of the day.

Key Takeaway

Steel in the Philippines is a key component of industrial architecture in order to maintain the structural integrity of a building while showcasing the sleek look of the materials it is made from. Steel, wood, glass, and bricks are utilized in order to give structures a more rustic look. These materials are also highly used due to their accessibility as well as their durability. Ensure that your property withstands extreme conditions with heavy duty materials such as steel and other forms of metals.

Choose to support local culture and local designs by designing your next property with an industrial architectural style in mind. This will surely make your home or business stand out.