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Uses Of Galvanized Channel Bars

Galvanized Channel Bars


What can you use galvanized channel bars for?

  1. Walls
  2. Roofs
  3. Frames
  4. Wood-frame Support
  5. Metal Structures


Steel channels are versatile products that are available in various sizes. Galvanized channel bars make a great durable alternative that can create a rigid structure able to withstand other elements. The extra galvanization process ensures that the material is fully protected from corrosion. Here are the uses of these channel bars.



A building being constructed

Galvanized channel bars are often used for wall building. You can find channel bars being used for things like warehouses, workshops, garages, and other metal structures. The channel bars are used as studs similar to conventional wood frames. These would usually run vertically from the bottom of the wall to the top. The channel bar is able to help bear the vertical load of the building.

Wood studs are durable but not as durable as galvanized channel bars. The support you can get has more rigidity and strength compared to wood studs. Galvanized channel bars can also be used in pole barns to help form walls. The channel bar will run horizontally from pole to pole. This provides support for your drywall and interior walls.

Instead of using wood slats and similar products, channel bars can increase the distance between poles without getting in the way of the wall. Long lengths can easily warp wood slats which will make the finished product uneven. Instead, use a channel bar to increase rigidity and load-bearing.



Galvanized channel bars can be used on light-duty roofs as rafters. The channel bar will run from the eaves of the roof up to the ride. The channel bar will provide the necessary support for a roof deck. This is a better alternative to wood rafters. The size is significantly smaller and lighter while still being able to support the weight of the roof deck.

Galvanized channel bars are long-lasting, strong, and rot-resistant compared to wood. For heavy-duty roofs, combining a channel bar with I-beams gives extra support. The extra channel bar also bridges the gaps between other rafters, allowing for more distance in between and an attachment point for a steel deck as well.



Steel frames in a warehouse

Channel bars can be used to create secure frames for windows and doors. Galvanized channel bars are compatible with metal and wood-framed buildings. All you need to do is cut miter joints on each end and the channel bar slides over the wall in the respective opening. The channel bar ensures you have a flat surface to work with when you need to mount a door or window. This is much more secure than your typical wooden frame and is a better alternative overall.

Galvanized channel bars have a better chance of lasting longer as the surface is more durable. It can take a lot of force, which can help secure your windows and doors properly. This security is essential for commercial fire doors and basement doors. You can still enjoy this security residentially to build a safe and secure home.


Wood-frame Support

Wood-framed buildings need extra strength. If you plan to build a home that uses wood beams, channel bars can increase rigidity and strength. Alternatively, wooden beams can be placed inside an appropriately sized channel bar to provide strength and easy attachments for joists.

A smaller channel can be placed at the bottom of the beam with the support of posts to further increase the strength of the existing beam if you plan to remodel. Another use of the channel bar is to place it on top of the beam to be used as a cap. It provides extra strength during the construction process.


Metal Structures

A door with metal channels

Channels are used for metal structures and buildings such as trailers, RVs, warehouses, and travel trailers. Heavy-duty channels can create main frame rails and tongues that can attach to the towing vehicle. Galvanized channel bars can also be used to create railings or to be used as studs to create the walls and roofing of a box trailer.

Other metal buildings like warehouses can also enjoy the strength of these channel bars. These channel bars can be used as alternatives to gifts, studs, braces, joists, and other structural components without the need for an extra i-beam. These bars are slowly welded, bolted, or riveted to ensure that they stay in place. This provides plenty of strength for said metal structures.


Key Takeaway

Galvanized channel bars have many uses. They’re great alternatives to wood frames and beams. Unlike wood, the galvanized surface ensures corrosion resistance, rigidity, durability, and strength. It’s a good investment for any project that requires a hassle-free versatile product that’s strong, light, and low maintenance. Grab a channel bar today to begin building better.

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