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February 10, 2020

Why You Should Use a Steel Garage

Why Should You Use a Steel Garage?

  1. Steel garages are durable.
  2. Steel garages are flexible.
  3. Cars will easily illuminate their surroundings.
  4. Steel garages offer more fire resistance.


Steel has been utilized by many industries in their various operations. Construction industries are particularly able to take advantage of the properties of steel in order for them to build sturdy infrastructure that can last many years with the proper kind of maintenance. Over time, this type of alloy has also begun to replace other more traditional and more-commonly used construction materials. Recently, steel is steadily becoming the preferred building material in the construction of industrial parking lots. With the gradually-diminishing preference for concrete, a steel garage system is something that many industries should begin considering.


Steel garages are durable

One of the most durable alloys on the planet is found in the form of steel. Its properties make it one of the most widely-used materials in construction. Not all forms of steel are completely corrosion-resistant, but this can be easily rectified by the application of paint, greatly reducing its likelihood of diminishing in quality.

The use of steel in constructing parking lots is a relatively new phenomenon. There are still several malls and establishments across the country which have built their parking lots from the ground up, using concrete and iron rods. While concrete is a stable material, it cannot easily withstand natural disasters like earthquakes. Because of its durability, steel offers a more earthquake-proof resistant quality to parking lot structures.

With this in mind, people who park their cars in steel parking lots will feel more secure in the fact that their cars are housed in more stable structuring.


Steel garages are flexible

Modern Car Headlight. Light And Shadow.

Industrial companies are faced with limitless possibilities when it comes to using steel as their construction material. Though the most common kind of steel-based car parks in the country use steel as their primary material, the alloy allows for endless customization and combination options.

A predominantly-steel based structuring can just as easily make space for other complementary building materials like fiber-glass, concrete, or aluminum. Because of this, steel-based garages are able to exercise creative freedom in delivering various kinds of aesthetically-appealing designs.

Motorized vehicles would also be able to easily navigate through a steel car park because of the material’s flexibility. Car wheels would experience less resistance as they roll along steel-flooring, allowing for drivers to experience a smoother drive as they steer through the structure.


Cars will easily illuminate their surroundings

A driver has many pet peeves, and one of the main minor frustrations drivers experience has to do with the limited visibility, especially when navigating through dark areas at night.

With concrete parking lots, the limited reflective properties of the structure’s materials will give drivers the difficulty of steering through the environment. This fact is made worse, especially if the area has poor lighting and ventilation, allowing for the limited passage of natural light in the late evenings.

Because steel is a naturally glossy material, car parks primarily constructed with this material would allow drivers to more easily traverse through the area, especially at night. Cars would be surrounded by this reflective material, enabling them to drive with ease. In addition, the presence of perforations on several portions of the structure would allow the passage of natural light, giving drivers more added visibility.


Steel garages offer more fire resistance

Zinc Galvanized Grunge Metal Background

As a flexible material, there are many ways to enrich and improve the properties of steel. An industrial garage made of this material would largely benefit from the number of fire-proofing ways it can adapt to become a safer structure. Just some of the fire-proofing methods include:


  • Intumescent coatings

Because of the high exposure of steel garage parking lots to the elements, an intumescent coating is a perfect fire-proofing choice. The material may be able to expand by around 100 times its original size. Construction companies are at liberty to make use of this material, especially because of the useful way it complements steel to add fire protection.


  • Autoclaved aerated concrete

Another efficient fire-proofing method of steel garages is through the layering of autoclaved aerated concrete around steel columns. This foam-like material offers robust fire resistance to large-scale structures, thereby making this another excellent choice to consider when improving upon a steel garage’s safety level.


Key Takeaway

The excellent properties of steel, as well as its ability to seamlessly complement virtually many construction materials, makes it the perfect alloy to be used across many construction projects. Having steel as the primary component across steel garage systems, or steel-based parking spaces poses many benefits, especially in terms of convenience and safety.

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