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3 Different Uses of Sheet Piles

Piled up sheet piles


What are the different uses of sheet piles?

  1. It Serves as a Retaining Wall
  2. Marine Applications
  3. Basements


With the rise of the construction of both small and large infrastructures, there’s no doubt that the need for construction materials has also risen. Sheet piles are one of them as they are a key player in construction today. The uses of sheet piles vary widely and are incredibly versatile. With that being said, let us take a closer look at some of the most typical circumstances where sheet piles are used in construction.


It Serves as a Retaining Wall

A retaining wall made of sheet piles

Due to its ability to resist soil and water pressure, sheet piles (specifically steel sheet piles) are a popular pick for retaining wall construction for both temporary and permanent use. In temporary works, the sheet piles allow for deep excavations to occur to facilitate construction on a water level. On the other hand, for permanent use, steel sheet piles are utilized in retaining walls for structures such as quay walls, underground storage tanks, and car parks.

What’s more, there is always a sheet piling solution to troubleshoot any retaining wall situation and scenarios. For example, in cantilever, braced, and anchor walls, the strength of the sheets is needed to support it. In soldier piles, h-section pipes need to be inserted into drilled holes.

Furthermore, sheet piles retaining are the perfect pick because it holds many incredible advantages such as:

  • Quicker construction compared to reinforced concrete walls
  • When installed, there is no disturbance to the existing ground
  • They are visually and aesthetically pleasing
  • It generates a narrow form of construction, which provides more usable site space
  • Steel sheet piles are compatible for all soil types
  • Sheet piles are a sustainable product. They can be extracted easily and they minimize waste
  • Direct load-carrying capacity


Marine Applications

A seawall made of sheet piles

Steel sheet piles are also used in several marine applications. One of the most common uses is its application to ship berthing structures in ports and harbors for mooring vessels. It is also popularly used to block floods from structures close to the shorelines.

It is the preferred choice of material because of its qualities of robustness, durability, reliability, and speediness of installation compared to any other prospects. It can also conform to other marine applications such as bulkheads, seawalls, tide walls, breakwaters, groins, and jetties.



A basement under construction

Over the past few years, steel sheet piles have been the number one pick for basement construction for a number of good reasons.

Firstly, steel sheet piles offer minimum construction time and costs. It cuts construction by almost half compared to the normal basement construction process. Secondly, by utilizing steel sheet piles into basement walls, construction space is minimized. This is because the wall is already installed prior to the soil excavation. This also results in a more supported building. Lastly, steel sheet piles are also reusable and recyclable. They can easily be extracted after their use.

This is not limited to commercial basements. In a home basement, steel sheet piles can also be of use. Sheet piling can be utilized as permanent walls since they can provide stability and robustness to interior walls.


Key Takeaway

The uses of sheet piles vary for both temporary and permanent use. They may be used as a retaining wall, in marine applications, in basements, or for the prevention of water damage.

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