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June 14, 2019

Smart Manufacturing in the Steel Industry

How has smart manufacturing helped the steel industry?

  1. Increased productivity and efficiency
  2. Higher quality steel products
  3. Lessened waste of materials
  4. Helps to remain competitive in the industry
  5. Increased worker safety
  6. More jobs in the industry


Smart technology, which basically involves computers and machines performing automated actions, is becoming more and more common and has a multitude of applications. One industry where smart technology has many especially useful applications is the manufacturing industry. Smart manufacturing has been known to have many benefits, from a higher quality of manufactured products to increased worker safety. This is especially true in the steel industry, specifically in the making of construction materials in the Philippines.

For instance, smart manufacturing has made the process of making a single pipe in the Philippines significantly faster and more efficient. Here are some of the applications of smart manufacturing in the steel industry and how it is beneficial for the industry.


Increased productivity and efficiency

With machines programmed to complete automated tasks and actions, productivity and efficiency are greatly improved. Machines are able to make more products of good quality in less time and with less effort on part of factory workers.

This is especially helpful in the steel industry since steel can take extremely long to manufacture when done manually. Moreover, increasing productivity and efficiency in any company will in turn greatly increase the company’s sales.


Higher quality steel products

Higher Quality Steel Products

Because smart machines can be programmed to do each task consistently or the same way, there is a higher guarantee of consistently producing high-quality products. This, however, only happens given that the machine is programmed correctly and is well maintained.

Machines can also be programmed to detect and report any defects or abnormalities among products, which further ensures that each product released meets the company’s standards. This is an incredibly useful technology to have in the production of construction materials in the Philippines since high-quality materials are essential for making safe and sturdy buildings.

For instance, having a faulty pipe in the Philippines can have disastrous consequences in the future. Thus, it is incredibly important to produce high-quality steel products, a feat made easier with the help of smart technology. In addition, having smart machines do most of the work for you will give you extra time for innovation, research, and further development of products.


Lessened waste of materials

With smart technology, the risk of making mistakes like the waste of resources is significantly lessened. One great example of smart technology in the steel industry is coating weight control, a technology that keeps the amount of coating placed on steel sheets consistent. When done manually, the amount or thickness of the coat becomes varied depending on the skills of the workers.

This results in wasted materials, making the coating weight control technology invaluable for ensuring efficiency. This is one of the more common technologies used in steel sheet production for automobiles and vehicles. Additionally, smart machines allow manufacturers to adjust the amount of steel produced if ever there are changes made. In short, these machines have the ability to produce only what is needed, no more and no less.


Helps to remain competitive in the industry

Helps To Remain Competitive In The Industry

Many companies in the steel industry are not only adopting the ways of smart manufacturing but are also contributing to the development of more technology. Investing in smart machines is a great way of keeping up with competitors in the same industry as you. It is also possible that adopting smart technology will give you an extra edge over similar companies who have yet to discover smart manufacturing machines and methods.


Increased worker safety

Another use for smart manufacturing in the steel industry is in ensuring the safety of workers in this industry. Before the development of smart manufacturing, workers would be exposed to the extremely high temperatures and pressure levels required in steel manufacturing. Now with the help of smart sensors, workers can easily monitor the progress of the machines a safe distance away from the dangerously high temperatures and pressure levels.


More jobs in the industry

More Jobs In The Industry

Contrary to popular belief, smart technology can actually generate more job opportunities rather than take jobs away from people. Adopting smart manufacturing into your steel company will result in a demand for workers who are tech-savvy, as well as those who are into innovating.

After all, you will still need workers to oversee the work of the machines, program the machines, and engineers to help you with product innovation. Moreover, many employees nowadays recognize and are attracted to the opportunities and benefits that smart manufacturing technology brings to the industry.


Key Takeaway

Smart manufacturing has greatly changed the steel industry for the better. With smart machines and programs, the process of manufacturing steel has become infinitely easier, faster, and more efficient for everyone in the industry.

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