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How to Repurpose Steel Products

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How can you repurpose steel products?

  1. Make a chair with steel rebars
  2. Use old steel pipes for pen holders
  3. Add exposed steel beams
  4. Cut steel bars to form a kitchen hanging rack


If you have old and unused steel materials lying in your house, you might be wondering how to repurpose these steel products and turn them into a whole new object that can be used for everyday applications.

Almost any kind of steel part can be used in combination with other materials. You can choose to work with two or a combination of steel rebars, flats, corrugated sheets, steel sheets, sheet piles, steel rods, steel wires, and steel pipes. Read on to learn more.


Make A Chair with Steel Rebars

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You can definitely make a chair with the old steel rebars that you have. But just like with any steel product that you’re planning to repurpose, make sure the rebars are relatively rust-free and free from any pitting corrosion that can affect the stability of the chair. The most effective is cleaning it using a high-powered water jet, but a simple wire brushing can also do the trick for minor rusted parts.

Steel rebars can be used to form part of your chair’s spindle, cross rail, top rail, and mid rail. Since you’ll need to sturdily attach these components together, you need to make sure that your rebars have “W” markings. This determines the weldability of the rebar since the tying method won’t be effective in this case.

First, you’ll need to plan out the design of your chair. Make sure all the basic features are in place — i.e. seat, stretchers, and legs. You may also add armrests of any material but you can do away with this if you have limited resources.

Make sure that the chair is level on the ground. Test it out first to make sure that it also doesn’t wobble. If it does, then you’ll need any kind of electric saw that can cut through the rebar. Make any height adjustments accordingly for comfort.


Use Old Steel Pipes for Pen Holders

You can also fashion pen holders out of your old steel pipes. If you have 1-inch diameter steel pipes, you can cut them to form multiple pen holders attached to a single base. For larger pipe openings (2 inches and above) a single pipe will do — it all depends on your preferences and how you want the design to turn out.

For this project, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Steel pipes
  • Steel/aluminum sheets
  • Steel flat bars (optional)
  • Paint (optional)
  • Sandpaper (optional)
  • Tube cutter
  • Welding machine
  • Personal Protective Equipment

Cut the steel pipes according to how you want the opening of your pen holder to be. You may cut them straight through or add your own flair by cutting them at an angle. After doing this, lay down your steel/aluminum steel sheets and fix the newly-cut pipes on top. For added sturdiness, you may also use a flat bar in place of the sheets.

Weld the materials together, making sure that you’re wearing the right equipment for the job. Add any finishing touches like a coat of paint. You can also sand the product to achieve a shinier finish.


Add Exposed Steel Beams

Rolled metal products. Different profiles and tubes .

Aside from everyday household items, you can also use your old steel parts to come up with a contemporary interior design for your home. Steel beams or sections are the best to use for this. However, if you only have flat bars, you can use them to come up with creative trimmings for your walls and ceilings. Various steel beam shapes can be used for your exposed beam design — be it the I-section, C-section, U-shape, L-shaped, or angled beams.

First, you’ll want to drill holes on the beams where you’ll be attaching the bolts later on. Set the material in place — make sure that you’ll have someone to assist you with added support on the beam. Using a power tool, attach the bolts to one end of the beam. Make sure that it’s secured to your wall/ceiling to avoid any loose areas. Move onto the other end of the beam and repeat the same process.


Cut Steel Bars to Form a Kitchen Hanging Rack

To create your own pots and pans hanging rack, you’ll need several steel hooks, bolts, screwdriver, power/circular saw, and a flat bar. Similar to the exposed beam design, you’ll need to first make sure that the hooks are properly driven into the flat bar. Make sure that it’s thick enough for this, as thin flat bars can cause the other end of the hook to be exposed on the opposite side of the bar.

Leave just enough space in between hooks so various pots and pans can hang freely without bumping. Drill another set of holes on the flat bar to fit the bolts before you attach them to your kitchen wall.


Key Takeaway

Knowing how to repurpose steel products allows you to maximize your use of your used materials. You can combine and attach them together to form hanging racks, exposed beams, a simple steel chair, or a pen holder — just be sure to get creative about it.

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