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June 7, 2020

What are the Different Applications of Checkered Steel Plates?

What are the Different Applications of Checkered Steel Plates

What are the different applications of checkered steel plates?

  1. Corner guard for walls
  2. Parking flooring
  3. Elevator flooring
  4. Industrial stairs
  5. Door kick plate


Steel is one of the most versatile materials on the planet. Many industries have been able to maximize their use of steel in a variety of functions. This material can undergo several manufacturing and production processes to adapt to any kind of use. One of the many resulting products from steel is the checkered steel plates. These patterned steel sheets possess no less than some of the most positive features of the material. Due to the many applications of checkered steel plates, it’s undoubtedly a material that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Checkered steel plates, also known as diamond plates, is a plate product which has been patterned with raised diamond-like shapes on its surface. The patterns help increase the friction of the material’s surface once it comes into contact with other kinds of materials. Continue reading to learn more.


Corner guard for walls

Doors are typically made out of wood material. Over time, however, they may eventually chip off, especially due to the material’s natural wear and tear. This can also affect the quality of the wood framing which encloses the entire door.

For example, you may experience instances where the wooden door is unable to close due to a warping that has taken place in the wood. This may be due to moisture, or the door hinges loosening up over time because of extensive use. As such, checkered steel plates make the perfect corner guard between your wall and the edges of doors. The material can be shaped to form a thin and lightweight protection which still offers maximum durability.

You no longer have to worry about damaging your walls or distorting their shape, through the use of steel corner guards. Especially if the material is galvanized, you can ensure that it won’t experience any kind of rust of weathering.


Parking flooring

Parking flooring

Car parking systems are predominantly constructed with concrete material. While this traditional method of constructing parking spaces is still being used nowadays, there is nothing more practical and cost-effective than using steel checkered plates as garage flooring.

The best thing about checkered plates is that they can be machined into a variety of sizes and dimensions, depending on the need. Floors in commercial and retail spaces would benefit more from these patterned steel plates because they can easily be installed in sections, without much time consumption.

Unlike concrete, which needs to be protected with waterproofing protection, checkered plates can be used on their own. They provide ample traction for vehicle wheels – these vehicles would be able to safely navigate the parking space without experiencing any issues. Furthermore, the material is safe on the wheels and produces a low-noise sound which isn’t typical of that of epoxy flooring installations.


Elevator flooring

Not enough can be said about the durability of steel material. Keeping this in mind, checkered steel plates also make the perfect application for elevator flooring installations. These areas typically experience a high level of foot traffic, and these steel plates won’t easily be subjected to any kind of warping or damage caused by varying weight pressures.

Checkered plates also offer a glossy finish to any elevator flooring, which increases the appearance of the lifts. Unlike other kinds of elevator flooring, such as wood, checkered steel plates also won’t be able to lose their shape. Cumbersome materials can easily be ingressed, or egressed from the elevator, without having any problems regarding the quality of the floor. This makes the material much less costlier to maintain and safer to work with, especially in the event that the elevator system may be in need of repairs.


Industrial stairs

Industrial stairs

Checkered steel plates are more commonly sighted in industrial spaces. As such, they make the perfect material for industrial stairs.

In particular, checkered steel plates are utilized in such spaces as that of a chemical plant, or a factory. In these kinds of areas, safety is the priority of everyone. Chemical plant workers need to wear adequate safety equipment in order to prevent a range of accidents from taking place. This is also to avoid any kind of contamination which may reduce the quality of their health.

Since they’re moving about, they need to make sure that they won’t just suddenly slip and fall in this kind of area. Alongside the right kind of work boots, checkered steel plates provide a sufficient level of traction for these employees to safely move about the area without exposing themselves to any immediate danger.


Door kick plate

On a much smaller scale, checkered steel plates can also be utilized as door kick plates for your home. The most practical use for them would be for swing doors which open in either direction.

Checkered plates protect the lower part of your swing doors from any kind of damage caused by kicking. For example, if you’re coming home while carrying a load of groceries in both your hands, you wouldn’t always be hands-free to open the door. Swing doors protected with a checkered door kick plate are a convenient way for you to open doors by simply kicking on them, without damaging the door’s wood material.


Key Takeaway

Among the already desirable qualities of steel, the applications of checkered steel plates are not something to take for granted. This highly durable, flexible, and versatile material can be shaped in the desired form to provide protection for doors and corner guards. This also makes the perfect material for parking floors, as well as elevator floor spaces.

Through the specially-patterned shapes, the polished steel plate has been taken to another level, by providing ample traction and traction for high-level activities.

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