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May 5, 2020

4 Uses of Steel Flat Bars

flat steel bars

What are the different uses of steel flat bars?

  1. Structural support
  2. Constructional frame
  3. Home appliances
  4. Industrial art pieces


One of the most commonly used construction materials in the world would definitely have to be steel. There are many different kinds of metal fabrication processes that enhance the quality of this metal, allowing it to be utilized by various industries not only for structural support but also as additional enhancements for different types of purposes. The uses of steel flat bars shouldn’t be taken for granted. With a versatile material such as steel, virtually anything can be done with it.

If you want to learn more about these specific types of applications, it would be in your best interest to continue reading.


What is a steel flat bar?

This material is simply a flat piece of steel with a rectangular section containing square edges. Steel flat bars can be manufactured in a variety of sizes, making this material a cost-efficient solution for many types of applications.

Like many of the products resulting from industrial metalworking processes such as the rebar, steel pipe, and steel conduit pipes, the steel flat bar retains the desirable properties of the metal. Depending on the use, it has likely undergone some form of heat treatment process in order to highlight a particular property.


Structural support

man working with steel

As with any kind of structural endeavor requiring a dedicated mode of support, steel is more often than not one of the first choices. The metal’s high level of workability, strength, and practicality has allowed it to be utilized as structural support in virtually many kinds of products.

For example, steel flat bars can be utilized as support braces for any kind of woodwork in order to stabilize them even further. When using flat bars in this way, there are many modifications that one can do, depending on the preference of the user.

Steel flat bars offering woodworking support tend to be smaller. Aside from this, the steel raw material which has been used has probably undergone a form of heat treatment method called annealing, which increases the overall ductility of the metal. Steel flat bars which are used as support braces can be bent or can have several perforations to make nail attachments possible.


Constructional frame

As mentioned before, the construction industry is where steel flat bars enjoy endless opportunities for utility. Flat bars may function in similar ways to that of a hollow steel bar or may be fitted in many kinds of constructional installations alongside the hollow bar. The high level of versatility of steel bars allows them to be cut with the preferred dimensions and sizes, at varying lengths.

Arguably the most popular application of steel bars as constructional frames is for steel parking constructional work. While there are still many types of parking establishments constructed mainly with reinforced concrete, its steel combinations have proven to be a welcome addition.

Steel flat bars used as constructional frames in steel parking adds another layer of lightweight and durable support for each level of parking space. Furthermore, it provides drivers with a high level of illumability in the area, in the event they find themselves navigating in low-visibility.


Home appliances

steel toaster

Flat bars fabricated using such a versatile material such as steel can be used in different types of home appliances. Whether these bars serve only as additional fixtures to improve the overall appearance of the product or for utility, they still play an important role.

In particular, steel flat bars can be utilized in microwaves and oven toasters. These are the kinds of home appliances that are frequently used in the kitchen. As such, there is a tendency for them to be frequently exposed to different elements that may eventually foster the development of corrosion. Using stainless steel flat bars instead of ferrous metals not only prevents wear and tear but also prevents corrosion from taking place.


Industrial art pieces

steel art

Many artists and those with a creative flair have been coming up with many forms of art expression. While it may differ across different artists, some have been wisely using materials such as steel flat bars in their large-scale industrial art pieces.

When it comes to this use, artists have virtually limitless ways on how to go about it. From the onset, using steel flat bars may be driven by a choice to add a layer of aesthetic appeal to the artwork.

Just to give an example, there are flat bars which undergo further manufacturing processes, giving them a smoother finish and outer layering. This kind of finish offers art pieces with a more reflective surface and a sharper and cleaner look. Furthermore, scrap steel flat bars can also be repurposed into beautiful art pieces.


Key Takeaway

The different uses of steel flat bars are something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. The inherent properties of the metal itself are enjoyed by many different kinds of industries. The strength of the metal coupled with its durability and high workability has made it possible to shape it in various forms and sizes.

The simple guide above hopefully further highlights just how much of a versatile material steel flat bars are.

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