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September 11, 2019

What to Look for When Buying Pipes

What should you look for when buying pipes?

  1. Resistance to corrosion
  2. Ductility
  3. Easy to Use
  4. Withstand strong water pressures

Pipes, using steel in the Philippines, are multi-purpose. Their different benefits have made it useful for people who work in construction, as these are the base of building and framework reinforcements. Additionally, workers prefer using them for these exact reasons because they are easily customizable.

Furthermore, pipes have been used by domestic homes for water distribution to the showers, sinks, etc.

Whether it is for your home or construction, these are the things you should look out for when buying pipes.

Resistance to corrosion

Resistance to corrosion

Since pipes are responsible for bringing water from one place to another, its insides can be very prone to corrosion. Corrosion, the accumulation of rust in metal, can occur in items made out of steel in the Philippines because of three things: low water pH, oxygen, and water turbulence.

First, water with a ph below eight is highly acidic. Acid is produced by this type of water because it has a lot of hydrogen ions that bond with the carbon dioxide in the water. When both of these elements, carbonic acid is produced and it reacts with the steel by producing rust.

Second, oxygen flow in the water can produce rust because air and water together bond with the metal alloys in the steel. Third, turbulence by the water can further reinforce the first and second reasons to affect the pipes faster. Water turbulence can destabilize the layers of the pipes.

Overall, all these corrosion reasons are factors you cannot control. Since water, as an element, freely flows on its own. Thus, it can be better to buy a pipe that uses corrosion protection during the production process. Galvanized pipes are equipped with corrosion protection. These pipes are coated with zinc to protect the metal from rusting for decades.



Ductility is the ability of an item to withstand tensile stress. Strong forces can push against it and the product will just be stretched into a thin wire until these forces stop. By continually stretching into a wire shape, the item protects itself from breaking down permanently.

If you plan to buy a pipe in the Philippines, it has to be ductile enough to survive years as a construction material. With its ductility, the pipes used in the frameworks for building can deal with heavy loads and natural disasters.

Usually, these pipes become more stretchable, when it comes to stress. Various manufacturers were able to change the metal components inside during the production. The component was originally just a flake, but then became spheroidal shape so thanks to manufacturing.

With a ductile steel pipe, you’re assured of its reliability. Manufacturers make sure that steel pipes can bend instead of shatter because they have been heated and then cooled accordingly to protect them from becoming brittle. When a metal is hot, it can be bent to any shape such as a pipe without breaking and maintain that form even after getting a colder temperature.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Easy to use pipes in the Philippines can be placed and adjusted in any sort of environment. Usually, they have to be able to adjust to settings that can be extremely cold or hot.

Low temperatures and cold weather can make the steel brittle. If left long enough, it can burst open. Bad pipes can burst and break because of an ice blockage inside. This ice formation will force the water pressure to increase until it breaks the insides of the pipes.

On the other hand, hot environments can make pipes break for a different reason. The heat can make the metal experience thermal expansion, which affects its overall length, area, and volume. It will stretch until it can handle the heat. Once it cannot, it will also burst.

Again, these are factors that you cannot control and it is best to buy pipes with strong material, such as steel. Steel pipes will survive in the extreme heat and cold because it is durable, thus its shape will stay the same in severe temperatures.

Withstand strong water pressures

Water pressure is a force every pipe will have to deal with every day, thus, really high water pressure can also lead to the surface damage of these items. If there is any form of damage, leaks are bound to happen. Besides the possibility of leaks, strong water turbulence may cause rust formation in your steel pipes. Lastly, leaks can cause your water to have an unpleasant taste and smell.

Therefore, you need pipes that can withstand these forces, due to the material and the way they are made. Steel is always a reliable one for that purpose.

Key Takeaway

Pipes, thanks to the material used and the way these are made, can be used for the construction and distribution of water. While these industries have different demands, pipes can fulfill both — thanks to the qualities listed here.

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