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6 Modern Tools Used in Metal Machining

Machines in metal machining

What are the modern tools used in metal machining? 

  1. Lathe
  2. Drill Presses
  3. Milling Machines
  4. Honing Machines
  5. Gear Shapers
  6. Grinders

Metal is a resource that is known for its versatility and durability. It has a variety of applications that makes it truly one of the most necessary things in the modern world. Before it becomes usable, however, it must first be fabricated into specific shapes and dimensions. The process of doing so is called metal machining. There are many tools used in metal machining. To create more lucrative and complex metal products, these devices are used in conjunction with one another. Take a look at these six modern tools that make metal machining possible!


Worker in uniform operating in manual lathe in metal industry fa

A lathe is composed of a rotating workpiece where the metal will be placed. It keeps a metal in a stationary position so that it can be worked on by other tools. Aside from holding the metal, the friction produced by the lathe helps create a uniform effect around its circumference. This also makes lathes a good choice for items that need to be symmetrical.

Lathes vary in size since they serve as the main workbench for metal machining. Smaller ones are used for things such as watchmaking, and device component creation, and the bigger ones are used for appliance parts and the like.

Drill Presses

These devices consist of a fixed drill that is bolted on a workbench. In most cases, these drill presses are used just like how you use power drills. With it being attached to a workbench the drill is more stable and it takes less effort to use it properly.
When attached to a lathe, the drill can be fixed in a position and angle that can be maintained for consistent drilling.

There are numerous types of drill presses. Some of them are portable, while others have to be mounted on workbenches. Notable examples are: Portable drilling machines that are used for projects that need maneuverability; sensitive Drill Machines are usually mounted on benches or the floor.

Milling Machines

These components use stabilized rotating cutters to perform sideways cuts on metals. They’re similar to drills but are more versatile with what it is made to do. Milling machines would either have a mobile cutter or be mounted on a mobile table.

In most cases, these devices are used to machine flat surfaces. However, they can also produce irregular services, depending on how the product should be. Often, they can be used to drill, bore, and produce slots, though only to a certain degree. Common types of milling machines include universal, omniversal, and plain milling machines.

Honing Machines

These machines are usually used for two things. First, they are used to make holes larger, often predetermined diameters, and second, to improve the surface finish of the metal. Its use is fairly simple but is vital for those metal products that need that extra smoothness and shine.

One perfect example of products that need honing machines for both the surface finish and the hole enlargement is engine cylinders for almost every vehicle!

Gear Shapers

Very similar to honing machines, gear shapers are used to cut internal gear teeth. It has a reciprocating cutter that has the same pitch as the gear that is being cut. This machine allows for increased precision through forward and backward stroke engagement.


This incorporates an abrasive wheel to create finishes and cuts. It’s effectiveness and quality depend on the grinder and abrasive wheel used. It is mostly used by moving the product side to side while lightly pushing it onto the wheel until you get the finish that you want.

Key Takeaway

There are numerous tools used in metal machining. Without them, the process will take longer and will need a lot more effort from metallurgists. That being said, these devices all have their specific uses. A combination of them all is needed to create some of the more common household and commercial items.

When discussing metal machining, don’t forget to take a look at the many tools that are used in the process. They are used to cut shapes, drill holes, and smoothen surfaces. At the end of the day, they’re all used together to make all the necessary appliances, devices, and machines in modern times!

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