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6 Advantages of Using Steel Frames

6 Advantages of Using Steel Frames

What are some advantages of using steel frames?

  1. Strength, durability, and longevity
  2. Easier customization and production
  3. Less onsite labor needed
  4. Fire resistant
  5. Pest resistant
  6. Weather-resistant

The use of steel frames for construction has been at the top of the market for a while now. This is due to the fact that of the options for framing in construction, using steel is arguably one of the best. Either way, the advantages of steel frames can speak for how well they are doing in the construction scene.

But what exactly makes steel frames so popular and effective? Read below to see 6 good reasons why you should use steel frames for your next construction project.

Strength, Durability, and Longevity

As the foundation of a potential building or any other structure, the frame should have considerable strength to hold everything up. We have many strong materials such as wood, but in this area, steel holds the advantage.

Even outside of the field of construction, steel is known for its strength and durability. Utilizing these characteristics of steel for the purposes of framing a structure is definitely a good move. Steel frames have more strength and durability than wood. Also, since steel is not subject to rot like wood is, it also lasts a long time. Contractors use steel frames over any other material because they’re perfect for the job.

Easier Customization and Production

Easier Customization and Production

Steel would be the last material you would think to associate with the word “customizable”. Its toughness would mean that wood would be easier to build into frames for structures. The same goes for production because steel is much harder to come by than wood.

However, steel companies nowadays have modern technology on their side. The fabrication of steel frames to fit the perfect shape and measurements of the structure is no longer a huge challenge. The help of computers, robots, and other high-tech equipment makes this possible. Producing steel frames in a high-tech assembly line would then be easier as well.

The compact and dense composition of steel makes its fabrication more precise. Along with this, the regulation and standardization of steel make the frames easier to set up.

Less Onsite Labor Needed

Technological innovations have made it easier to produce and build steel frames. As a result, less onsite labor would be needed. Using steel parts that have been precisely measured and cut by high-tech equipment and machines means that even a few people can build the steel frame. In a way, it’s ready to build already.

Wooden frames would need a lot more work. You’ll see more sawing and measuring onsite. Wood pieces that don’t fit perfectly would need to be altered.

This makes the use of steel frames more efficient as well as more cost-effective. Steel is reusable and recyclable. If some materials still are left, there’s no need to completely throw away or destroy them. You may simply save them for other projects.

Fire Resistant

Fire Resistant

Fire is one of the many threats that may face any structure being built. This has been known to take down dozens of buildings at a time, which is why choosing your building materials wisely is important.

Everybody knows that steel doesn’t catch on fire. Obviously, this is one of the many advantages steel frames have over wooden frames. Having a fire-prone frame would make the structure’s integrity slightly weaker. Meanwhile, against the threat of fire, steel frames would keep more people safe.

Even the construction process is not safe from unwanted fires. Your employees would still be slightly safer by not giving the fire more materials to feed on and spread.

Pest Resistant

A bad termite infestation could easily weaken a wooden frame. Not only that, plenty of other pests use or feed on wood, especially in some areas of the world.

Fortunately, steel frames do not have this problem. Even if they’re left for a long time, steel frames cannot be weakened by pests.



Steel used for structures is not the same as the typical steel that you see everywhere. With enough carbon content, steel could be resistant to moisture and the weather as well. Some solutions or powders make the steel more resistant to water, and in turn, rust.

If your steel frame is properly cared for and modified to be resistant to moisture, even prolonged exposure to harsh weather would not be able to weaken the steel frame. On the other hand, the more moisture wood absorbs, the weaker it gets and the easier rot can set in. This undoubtedly makes steel the better option for your construction materials.

Key Takeaway

As said earlier, steel frames are popular for a reason. Any contractor who wants a structurally sound framing with good materials would choose steel frames. Understanding the advantages of steel frames over the others would allow you to make one of the best choices for your project.

Each construction or building job calls for its own needs and requirements, even for the material of the frame. If you need any help with your steel supply, feel free to click here to contact us and we can talk about your steel supply needs.

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