Solid Success with SEO Philippines

Solid Success with SEO Philippines

Many businesses come and go. It’s hard enough to maintain and grow a business for a few years, but how about for more than 5 decades? Regan Industrial Sales Inc. has stood the test of time and through the help of SEO Philippines, has well adapted to the digital age.

In 50 years of business, Regan has established itself as one of the best steel suppliers in the Philippines and has served hundreds of customers throughout our history. We are also listed as one of the top 400 corporations in the Philippines.

Throughout the years, Regan has been one of the most trusted steel providers. We supply to contractors, manufacturers, mining companies, real estate, and other industries. We take pride in our service. Our products adhere to the highest standards across the world.

Regan’s History

Regan Industrial Sales began its roots in January 1968 at Dagupan street in Tondo, Manila. We started off selling valves, wire ropes, and other structural steel products. With 10 hard-working employees, our business started growing and we started expanding our pool of products.

By 1980, Regan moved to a new location at Quezon city selling steel plates, sections, pipes and tubing, bars, and rods. In 2002, Regan Industrial established warehouses as facilities. We catered to different markets and our customers were coming from different parts of the country. 

The Secret to Success

While we started off small, what plummeted Regan steel to success is our focus in building strong relationships with our clients, business partners, suppliers, and stakeholders. We are a people-first company. We value our employees and give them the best possible environment and so they could provide quality services and high-quality products. 

We understand the needs of our customers and so we made sure that our products catered perfectly to each of our clients’ profiles. We provide our sales team with first-hand experience and knowledge so we can give what our clients need. We assure delivery and guarantee products that will last a lifetime.

We realize how important steel and our other products are to the growth of not only to businesses but to the whole nation. We believe that we are more than just a business. We believe that we are part of the country’s development.

Adjusting to New Technology and Digitalization

Being a business established in 1968, we have gone through countless improvements. Since our beginnings, technology has come a long way and a huge part of our success is our ability to be resilient and adjust to new technologies available to us.

Our logistics and sourcing expertise improved. We were able to serve customers nationwide through our delivery solutions partners. We were also able to offer competitive prices, that of which match our clients needs.

Investing in SEO

In our mission to continuously adapt to the digital age, we realized that having an online presence is important. In 2009, we launched our website for clients who are looking to connect with us online.

With the continuous rise of online users in the Philippines, we knew we wanted to be visible. Search engines were a huge thing, especially the search giant Google. Every Filipino who has access to the internet was using it and by 2018, the majority of the population are online.

It is when we turned to Search Engine Optimization. We worked with the best SEO agency in the Philippines, SEO-Hacker by Filipino motivational and leadership speaker Sean Si. Their team is experts when it comes to the strategies required to make sure that when people search, you are there. was relaunched with a new and better design for the users. Everything was optimized. SEO-Hacker gave 13 keywords, 5 primary and 8 secondary keywords, that would be beneficial to our business.

Primary Keywords

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Secondary Keywords

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Since in SEO, content is king, SEO-Hacker established a blog and published high-quality articles. Their Link Building team acquired valuable links for our website increasing our online authority.

Digital Success

With the continuous SEO efforts, our website traffic quickly grew from 300 visitors in February to 3,600 users in July. We were in the first page of Google in no time. SEO Philippines did its wonders.

We knew the potential and reaped its benefits. We also started investing in PPC for better-targetted ads. Leads were pouring in. Since we started SEO in February 2018, the Regan Industrial website has received more than 54,000 visitors, 36,000 of which are organic and 9,000 of which came from paid ads.