Steel Philippines A Feature On Steel Bars maigne|April 2, 2019

Steel Philippines: A Feature on Steel Bars

What are the key aspects of understanding steel bars?

  1. The different uses of steel bars
  2. Why steel bars are used
  3. The types of steel bars

Steel in the Philippines can be found in almost every industry around. Every building you see and every house you go into—they will most definitely have some sort of steel product in there.

Of course, the industry that makes full use of steel is the construction industry. Being the most sustainable and the strongest material out in the market as of now, steel is basically the premier structural construction material out there.

With that in mind, there are so many steel products that are used in construction, some more used than others. The focus of this article is on steel bars. What it is, what it’s used for, and the types of steel bars that are used in most industries.

What Are Steel Bars?

What Are Steel Bars

Seldom will you see structures that rely on a single construction material. Most of the time, construction materials are used in a way that reinforces each other. Concrete is one of those construction materials that on its own is a bit limited, but when it is reinforced with steel bars, it becomes the best combination of construction materials for any projects.

Steel bars are more commonly known as reinforcing bars or rebars. It is a mesh of steel wires used as a tension device in reinforced concrete and masonry structures to strengthen and aid the base material under tension, which is usually concrete.

Rebars are one of the more well-known steel products just because of how much use they see in construction projects. In most cases, it is a staple—adding so much support and strength to an otherwise precarious structure.

Other industries that make use of steel bars include the military industry (for equipment), shipbuilding industry, paper industry, and many other architectural related industries.

Why Are Steel Bars Used?

The primary use of steel bars is to give and add another layer of reinforcement to concrete structures. These steel bars are very strong, versatile and affordable, making them one of the most widely used steel products among a variety of industries.

Steel bars are used to provide different kinds of support onto concrete structures, the first one being a primary reinforcement. When steel bars are used as a primary reinforcement, the steel bar is employed to guarantee the resistance needed by the structure as a whole to support the designated loads.

When a steel bar is used as secondary reinforcement, it is used for its durability and aesthetic value. By providing enough localized resistance to limit cracking and resist stresses caused by effects such as temperature changes, the steel bar provides just enough reinforcement to fully support the structure.

In some cases, rebar is also utilized to add resistance to concentrated loads by providing enough localized resistance and stiffness for the stress that the load gives to be spread across a wider area. And at other times rebar is used to support another group of steel bars—mostly to correct the position they are in to accommodate their loads.

Types of Steel Bars

Types Of Steel Bars

There are 4 types of steel bars that are available in the market, however in the market today, only 2 are widely used and sought after. With that in mind here are the 4 types of steel bars.

  • Hot Rolled Deformed Bars – The most common type of reinforcement for regular structures, these steel bars are created through hot rolling—giving it deformations on the surface. These ribs that form make it easier for concrete to bond with it.
  • Mild Steel Plain Bars – These steel bars do not have any ribs on them. They are mostly used in small projects where minimizing budget is a priority. Since they don’t have any ribs, they do not bind very well with concrete so hooks are usually provided at the ends.
  • Cold Worked Steel Reinforcement – When hot rolled steel bars undergo the process of cold-working, this type of steel bar is produced. This process involves twisting or drawing the bars at room temperature. It is used in projects that have an emphasis on fixing low tolerance and straightness.
  • Pre-stressing Steel – This is used in the form of bars or tendons that are made up of a number of strands. Typically, seven-wire strands consist of six wires spun around the seventh wire that is usually larger than the others—forming a helical strand. The high tensile strength of the wires makes it possible to effectively pre-stress concrete even after undergoing short-term or long-term losses.

The different steel bars are there to provide options for your construction project. The most popular among them, the hot rolled deformed bars, are the most used best of the four while the others only have a specific purpose.

Key Takeaway

In the Philippines, steel bars are just one of the many steel products that are widely used in a number of industries. Though most people see them as just a normal steel bar, there’s a lot more to it than it seems! Hopefully, the information provided in this article will help you decide on what kind of steel bar you would use for your construction project.