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Most Commonly Used Steel Products for Construction

What steel products can be considered as most common in the market?

  1. Steel beams
  2. Steel bars
  3. Steel pipes
  4. Steel plates
  5. Wire rods


Steel has always been a staple construction material. There are many grades of steel, each having a particular chemical composition that makes it specialized for particular applications. But one thing is common, all of the steel grades are incredibly durable and are known for their high strength. With that being said, in the Philippines, steel products are found in many different kinds—each being used in a plethora of different ways.

Steel suppliers in the Philippines provide a large selection of steel products that are essential for any kind of construction project. Anyone in the field of construction should have at least some knowledge about steel products and their uses in construction—with that being said, here are some of the most commonly used steel products for every construction!



Steel Beams

Steel beams are essential for every type of construction because of the critical support that it provides. In most cases, steel beams—particularly the I-beams are used as support trusses or the main framework of buildings. Steel beams are known for ensuring a structure’s integrity with incredible strength and impeccable support.

I-beams are the preferred type of steel beam because of its versatility and high functionality. These are excellent for unidirectional bending. They can also take various loads and an ample amount of stress without any signs of buckling. Its design is also considered to be the most cost-effective because of its I-shape not using any excess steel.



Steel Bars 

Steel Bars

Concrete is very strong against compression forces, but is vulnerable to tension forces—this is where steel bars come in. Steel bars act as added reinforcement for concrete to withstand tension. Deformed re-bars on the reinforcement of steel have been a standard requirement since 1968. This is very much evident in highway pavements and segmented bridges and more recently with high-rise buildings.

Steel bars are also used as secondary reinforcement—particularly by providing durability on a localized part of a structure or load. Its rather flexible nature also makes it perfect for assisting other steel bars to hold their position while accommodating their loads. There are also some bricks and blocks that are made with holes within them to accommodate steel bars and help them carry tensile loads.



Steel Pipes

One of the most practical uses of steel pipes is to support the weight of buildings when the soil they are to be built on is too weak. It is used in construction piling, particularly as support for incredibly heavy establishments. Considered as one of the more aesthetically pleasing steel products out there, steel pipes are also used as bollards and railings in most construction sites. These are used as part of the plumbing and sewage system in every building there is. Steel pipes might just be the most used steel product in some of the biggest industries!

Steel pipes are also used to construct ships, to transport gas, oil, water, and other such materials. These are a common sight to see in most factories and energy centers.



Steel Plates

Steel Plates

Steel plates are used in a variety of industries. Because of how versatile steel is as a material, steel plates are usually fabricated with a specific purpose in mind. When you look at a construction site, you will almost always see a steel plate at work or being worked on. Most construction equipment has steel plates installed on them be it as frames of a vehicle or as part of the main mechanism.

Steel plates will easily be seen in quarrying equipment, mining equipment, multiple types of machinery, pressure vessels and as construction materials as well. But of course, steel plates are also seen in many other industries. Particularly as part of shipbuilding and as highly durable, defensive plates in the military.



Wire Rods

As the raw material for wire drawing units, wire rods are used in a variety of products and industries. Some of its uses include being used as automobile components, barbed wires, and as steel reinforcement for some aluminum conductor and concrete.

One type of wire rod, particularly the bearing steel quality wire rod, requires a high level of durability to be able to withstand repeated loads and high-speed rotations in some of its applications—oftentimes seen in a variety of industrial machine parts, and even some construction equipment.

In the Philippines, the most common usage of wire rods is for tie wires and nails, which complements a lot of other processes common in the construction industry.


Key Takeaway

In the Philippines, steel is known for being one of the most common and most versatile materials that companies and industries come across. It has many uses and is manufactured into different types for it to be used in another way.

Many steel suppliers manufacture different kinds of steel products in order to supply the heavy demand for it all over the country. Because of this, some of these products have become a norm and are well known in almost every industry!

Remember, know your steel products! They are made for specific applications—but can still be used in many other ways.

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