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Understanding 3 Common Steel Products Used in Construction

What are steel products that you should have an understanding of for every construction project?

  1. Steel Plates
  2. Angle Bars
  3. Structural Steel Beams



There are different kinds of steel products used in different industries, particularly in construction, each used in a variety of ways. But in some applications, there are steel products that can act as alternatives but are far superior to others and still comply with the basic specifications of design.

Steel in the Philippines is very versatile. But no matter how useful steel products are, they will still be at their best when used accordingly to its intended application. To maximize the capabilities of steel products you must make sure that you understand what they can provide for you, and that means knowing its steel grade, its properties and a lot more information that can help you identify where it can be used the most.

Understanding steel products is not an easy thing to do. With so much variety in specifications, methodologies and production process of steel products you have to study a lot of different kinds of applications and steel compositions to truly understand each one of them and find its suitability. This post gives you a basic understanding of the following common products used in construction:



Steel Plates

Steel Plates

A very versatile kind of structural steel, it’s simply described as a metal in sheet form that can be customized and fabricated through cutting, bending and welding in order to create a particular product or part of a system fitting for structural purposes.

Steel plates that are fabricated are mostly used to strengthen foundations and uphold massive units of weight for bridges and long span elevated highways. Steel plates can be manufactured using different grades of steel—depending on which one is the more appropriate for the intended design.

Certain production techniques to yield qualities such as Corrosion and abrasion resistance are what makes steel plates special. Along with the fact that it’s manufactured to a broad range of thickness, steel plates provide versatility for a structural framework. Also used for general repairs, steel plates are the perfect product for reinforcement purposes. It’s made to withstand stresses from the severe environmental conditions.

Some other uses of steel plates are:

  • Modules for high rise buildings
  • Parts for heavy equipment.
  • Base plates and support for trusses.



Angle Bars

One of the most commonly used “Steel Shape” is this steel that forms a right angle. It is usually made of structural grade low carbon metal and is generally used to support structural applications in the construction industry.

The primary use of angle bars is to provide support to beams and other platforms. Its uses don’t stop there, however. Angle bars are known for the additional strength, the protection it provides to structures. All in all, angle bars are more than just a corner piece in the field of construction!

Stability is what angle bars provide to most of its applications. Large angle bars are capable of providing both vertical and horizontal supports for buildings such as towers, bridges, offices, and sometimes even broadcasting equipment.

Angle bars are also suitable for roofing, as it is used to cover edges and corners. This helps structures stay in shape and avoid wear and tear due to the weather! Sharp corners and edges that are reinforced with angle bars can last longer and resist chipping and other forms of corrosion!



Steel Beams

Steel Beams

This group of steel products is probably one of the most iconic steel shapes used in construction. Whenever you see a large vertical construction site or project you’ll almost always see these materials being used. Steel beams come in a wide variety of specifications and sizes. There are also numerous standards and references to guide engineers and designers alike for the particular beam that they need.

Steel beams are more commonly known as H-sections/H-Beams or I-sections/I-beams due to the resemblance of its shape to both letters. But in actuality, there are more than just the shape of these beams.

These steel beams have unprecedented levels of versatility, durability, and strength. Pair that with a high level of resistance against weather effects and you have large-scale steel products that are perfect for heavy structural applications. Skyscrapers and giant buildings are where they mostly go, but you’ll also find steel beams in offshore oil rigs, ships, tanks and vessels, and in some mechanisms involving renewable energy. These beams are so versatile that they are an almost perfect representation of structural steel.



Key Takeaway

There’s a large number of steel products out in the market. Each of them has their own uses in the construction industry and a number of other industries. In the Philippines, steel is becoming more and more popular and available. You’ll also find it being used in very innovative ways. Just like how Steel Plates, Angle bars, and Beams are currently being used in a wide array of applications.

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