Types of Manufactured Steel You Should Know About maigne|September 18, 2019

The Different Types of Manufactured Steel

What are the types of manufactured steel?

  1. Universal Beam
  2. Angled Steel Sections
  3. Universal Column
  4. Flat Bar Steel Sections
  5. Circular hollow steel sections
  6. Square hollow steel sections

Steel products that are used for construction projects come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different sections of the project. From being used in a building’s main structure, to the use of rods and pipes for drainage and support, these manufactured steel sections provide the strength and support that a structure needs to be able to stand.

The versatility of steel to be bent, molded, and folded into different shapes and sizes allows it to be crafted into different parts. From angled sections, flat bars, to curved steel, there are many ways in which these steel sections would be classified. Here are some important types of steel sections used in construction you would know about.

Universal Beam

Universal Beam

Arguably the most common type of steel section used in construction projects, universal beams are some of the fundamental elements of a construction project, providing solid horizontal support to various structures. These beams are shaped into I or H formations, which provide it with the strength and stability it needs to support any structure.

These beams can be used in industrial, commercial, and residential projects, and can work with wood and cement without any compromise to its durability. These projects can range from houses, condominiums, factories, and even steel bridges. Being one of the integral parts of a building’s primary structure, these beams are covered with a protective coating that provides fire-resistant and anti-corrosion properties.

Angled Steel Sections

Angled steel sections are L-shaped sections that are commonly used in the framework of a construction project. Depending on the need, some sections can have equal or unequal sides. Equal angled steel sections are a common sight in industrial and commercial projects, while unequal angled steel sections can be used in smaller projects that require durable and cost-effective steel.

These sections can also be used in machinery, as most machines require extra support in crucial areas to withstand regular usage. These can also be used to add steel surfaces in places like railings, steel containers, generators, construction vehicles, and roofing.

Universal Column

Used along with universal beams, universal columns provide the vertical support of a construction project. Some columns can be as large as universal beams, or smaller and thinner in order to accommodate multiple columns. These columns are also shaped into I or H formations as well and are another fundamental element in a building’s primary structure. Buildings like skyscrapers and condominiums make use of abundant amounts of steel columns for extra structural support.

It is a common sight to see universal beams and columns being used along with each other in projects and is one of the most abundant construction materials around. Like universal beams, a protective coating is also applied to universal columns.

Flat Bar Steel Sections

Universal Beam

One of the most cost-effective and widely-distributed types of steel sections, flat bars are also one of the most versatile. Being able to be shaped and curved into various shapes and sizes flat bars can be used in various industries, which include manufacturing and construction.

It is the chief material for a bulk of construction projects, as their flexibility allows them to be used in construction and industry. Along with its versatile qualities, flat bars are also widely-used to attach steel sections to each other, and have environmentally-friendly benefits that are much needed in today’s building projects.

Circular Hollow Steel Sections

Known for their resistance to torsion, circular hollow steel sections are the most common along hollow steel sections. Assembled using rolled steel, these circular sections are best used as columns and support structures, along with rotating or spiral structures. Some circular sections are also used for railings and loading, as their lightweight and durable properties allow them to be used without adding more weight to a structure or load.

Square Hollow Steel Sections

Square Hollow Steel Sections

Similar to their circular counterparts, square sections are also used in various capacities as support for structures. The equal length on each side provides the right balance of weight, along with a lot of functionality to allow it to be utilized in a multitude of capacities. These square sections can be used in loading, additional structural support for steel beams, and even for machinery.

Key Takeaway

Steel is one of the most abundant materials used in construction projects, and their properties allow them to be used in multiple capacities that aid in developing and supporting structures while helping them in manufacturing.

These types of manufactured steel sections each have a crucial role in each project and choosing the right steel section for the job allows you to create structurally sound projects using the best steel products. By knowing each one of them, you would be able to plan and create your own successful project with the use of quality steel products and ensure that you are using the right sections for the job.