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Steel Decking 101: Basic Information About this Steel Material

Steel Decking 101: Basic Information About this Steel Material

A construction project requires many building materials. Some of these may be wood, plastic, glass, stone, or metal. When you explore more metals, you will discover there are also different types such as copper, brass, and steel. Steel materials have been popular because they are lightweight while also still being durable. Some of the common ones are flats, sections, pipes and tubings, nails, wires, furring, corrugated sheets, stainless steel, steel matting, and wire rods. But for this blog post, we will be talking more about steel decking. Read on to learn more!


What Is A Steel Deck?

What Is A Steel Deck?

A steel deck is a corrugated steel sheet that is commonly used for construction purposes. In flooring applications, it is used as a foundation to strengthen structural integrity before adding cement. It is also utilized in roofing designs to improve insulation and reinforce its durability.


Uses of Steel Deck

Uses of Steel Deck

Metal decks are used in both residential and commercial structures. It can be used to reinforce the roofs and floors of hospitals, schools, factories, warehouses, and homes. Aside from that, it can also be used as fences, gates, wall sidings, and platforms in gardens, patios, and even cinemas. Due to its durability and flexibility, it can be used in various applications.

Depending on the type of steel deck you choose, you can either use it with concrete or as stand-alone material. The former will serve as the framework of your structure, while the latter can be painted to increase the aesthetic appeal of a building.


Advantages of Steel Deck

Advantages of Steel Deck

To help you decide if this material is right for your project, we listed down the advantages of steel decking compared to other materials.


Increased Construction Efficiency

Building projects requires a lot of things before they can even start. In commercial structures, you will go through the processes of securing the budget, getting permits, hiring people, making the design and blueprint, and looking for suppliers. With all of that complete, you can start. The construction time will depend on how your people handle the project and what materials you use.

Using steel decks can significantly increase the speed of completing a project. The installation process is also easy. Compared to wood, steel is lighter and easier to transport and use. It can also come already pre-cut and pre-formed.

Depending on the design you use, you can lay a readily formed sheet or easily connect smaller decks and form a large sheet. A professional crew can handle this efficiently. Progress in other areas is also not hindered so your people can multitask.

It is also likely that your project will require other metal products such as nails, pipes, wires, and steel matting. Due to this, you can save time because you can contact a single supplier. Steel decks are also easy to weld with these other materials.


Improve Structural Integrity

Another advantage of steel decks is their better stability and durability compared to other materials such as wood. Compared to the latter, steel doesn’t absorb moisture and deform. All the pieces that get delivered to you will look the same, and the sizes are accurate. It is also resistant to pests, fire, and rotting.

Even though steel is light, it is strong. It can make your roofs and floors more structurally sound than just having pure concrete. Composite decks have an embossed surface, which is specifically used to bond concrete and the steel deck together. It acts as a framework that supports and shapes the roof and floor.

Due to all of these characteristics, steel decking is low maintenance. This type of metal will last a long time especially if inspected at regular schedules. Unlike wood that will rot and disintegrate, steel is of superior durability.


Cost-Effective Solution

Since a composite deck can act as the frame for a concrete slab, you can opt not to use rebars. This can lower the cost of your construction project. This can also make the overall structure more lightweight, leading to less use of foundation and support beams.


Key Takeaway

Steel decking is a construction material that is primarily used to reinforce roofings or floorings in a building. Aside from that, it can also be used as wall sidings, gates, fences, or even platforms. It is a commonly used product for residential, industrial, or commercial structures because it is easy to install and is tough and durable. Because of this, steel decking will speed up construction projects, strengthen structural integrity, and also lower costs in the long run.

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