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August 31, 2018

6 Reasons Why Using Steel in Construction is One of the Safest Options

Below are the reasons why using steel in construction is the safest option:

  1. Steel is a proven high-grade material
  2. Fire resistance
  3. Wind resistance
  4. Strength-to-weight ratio
  5. Less maintenance
  6. Sustainability



If you are still hesitant in choosing the major material for your construction projects in the Philippines, steel would be the most viable option that you can use in achieving success for your structural projects. To this day, steel is still considered to be one of the strongest, common and most durable construction materials and the safest one at that.

It is no surprise that in the Philippines, steel makes its waves in various applications and it has served its purpose in various industries that have chosen it for their primary construction needs. Steel buildings are the safest option to go for and here are the reasons why:



Steel is a Proven High-Grade Material

Since the late 1800s, steel has been the preferred material for buildings because of its durability, safety features, and abundance. It was recognized as the forerunner to applications of cast iron and since then, it has been adopted in many structures as the primary building material. According to the Steel Recycling Institute in the USA, steel was and still is the leading framing material for buildings and infrastructure in their country, with nearly 50% market share for non-residential and multi-story residential construction.



Fire Resistance

Fire Resistance

You cannot truly say that a building is fireproof but you are a huge step closer to it if you use steel as your primary building material. Any building is vulnerable to a destructive blaze but steel is fire resistant which goes to show that a fire would spread at a much slower rate compared to a wood building.

The duration at which the fire slowly spreads on a steel building is critical which will make all the difference between life and death. It is a prime benefit when you choose to adopt steel as one of your inputs in construction. Steel, as co-related with fire, has been rigorously tested for decades, and those tests resulted in the proof that steel structures are designed and constructed to have fire-resistant qualities.

With this benefit, you can also save up on insurance costs by choosing steel as your main building material due to its exceptional fire retarding properties.



Wind Resistance

Steel’s wind-resistant quality is attributed to its ability to absorb more energy than its less sturdy counterparts, which means that with the correct specifications and structures, high rise buildings remain safe even under the most extreme conditions provided it is designed and specified accordingly.

The functionality of steel is proven in its ability to be strong even amidst the disturbances it may come across. This is why steel is the safest building material that you can ever have.



Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Steel, as a construction material, has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any material. This means that steel components remain strong while retaining its lightweight quality. The versatility of steel makes the construction easier and it gives engineers and architects the flexibility they need to maximize their design for the building. This also gives them enough versatility in your structural design without having to compromise the safety in the process of constructing the building.

Engineers and architects can use this to build around their design and maximizing its safety features as well.

Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any material used in construction, according to the American Iron & Steel Institute. That means that steel components are stronger without adding much weight. The versatility of steel makes construction easier and it gives engineers and architects more flexibility to design a building to maximize its safety features.



Less Maintenance

One of the highlights of using steel as a construction material is its benefit of lesser maintenance. With the advantages that steel delivers, it is a way to save time and reduce the exerted effort to maintain a facility. Buildings naturally get subject to wear and tear, but having a less durable material like wood, can cause a building to deteriorate at a faster rate than steel.

As a building facility loses its original strength, maintenance costs would increase and there are cases when you would find it difficult to keep the maintenance in pace. This would result in the decrease in structural integrity and an increase in the risk of permanent damage.





Steel is the world’s most recycled material and over 80 million tons of steel have been recycled annually, and the steel industry has been the champion in promoting eco-friendly initiative across the globe. This produces sustainable practices which are not only great for the environment but contributes to the safety of the material as well.

Steel is a unique material that can serve a number of purposes and it can also be recycled without sacrificing its structural integrity, which results in an added lifespan of a steel building.



Key Takeaway

The reasons why steel is the safest material for construction, as listed above, are not just done written in order to attract consumers to invest in the industry. It has been tested and proven, and you can see it in the thousand skyscrapers, concert halls, transportation vehicles, and bridges that are fashioned from the material.

Reap the safety and durability benefits of steel today—it will be the reason why your structure will stand strong and proud even in extreme conditions.

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