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July 20, 2018

4 Facts About Steel You Probably Didn’t Know About

What are some facts that you probably didn’t know about steel?

  1. Steel is an alloy
  2. Steel is 100% recyclable
  3. Steel is used in almost everything around you
  4. Steel is a sign of a strong economy



As one of the most common construction materials, steel is well-known by many, particularly for its strength and flexibility. In the Philippines, steel is one of the most used construction materials. Many people know it as the most versatile construction material there is. Some people, however, are only familiar with the features it has on the outside.

The truth is, steel is more than just a construction material. There are many things about it that may surprise the common person. Get ready as you may be surprised to know about these 4 facts about steel that you probably didn’t know.



Steel Is an Alloy

Steel is an Alloy

It may be obvious to the majority of people who have handled and studied steel in the past, however, to the common folk that has only heard of the many great uses of steel, you should know that it is not a pure metal. Steel is chemically composed of different kinds of metal. Steel is an alloy that is composed primarily of iron and carbon. The rest of its composition depends on what kind of steel you are handling.

Carbon steel is a dull and nonglossy type of alloy that is quite vulnerable to corrosion. It contains other alloys such as manganese, silicon, and copper. It can further be classified depending on its carbon content. The higher the carbon content, the stronger it is.

Alloy steel is a mixture of several metals some of which include nickel, copper, and aluminum. This kind of metal is cheaper and are used for a lot of mechanical industries such as for automobile parts, pipelines, and motors. Its properties are also dependent on the concentration of the elements within.

Several types of steel are in the market being used by a wide range of industries. Each of these applications becomes possible by taking advantage of alloying steel to make it suitable for the desired purpose.



Steel is 100% Recyclable

It may come as a surprise to some, but steel is one of the most recycled materials in the planet. Overall, over 80% of the steel used in the world is recycled. The best part is that steel does not lose its strength when it gets recycled. In fact, it all depends on its composition. Steel is almost a thousand times stronger than iron in its purest form.

Any kind of steel can be recycled, it doesn’t matter if it was used in automobiles, in food packaging, in roofing, or even in appliances, steel can always be recycled. It is also easier to segregate steel from other things due to its magnetic properties.

As a bonus to being 100% recyclable, steel is also used in generating renewable energy sources. Solar, hydro, and wind power will not be easily harnessed if it weren’t for the versatility that steel brings.



Steel is Used in Almost Everything Around You

Steel is used in Almost Everything Around You

Everyone has steel in their houses. Even if you have a log cabin, steel will be a part of your house be it as construction material, or as a random object that you have. Steel makes up or is a part of many things in your house. Some of which include nails, tools, utensils, appliances, door knobs, and so much more.

People have relied on the versatility and strength of steel throughout the years that it has become a part of everyone’s daily lives. Look at the things you use every day. There will almost always be something that is made out of steel among them.



Steel is a Sign of a Strong Economy

Money makes the world go round, but steel is used to build it. Steel is used in a plethora of industries today. As mentioned above, it is used in almost everything. Steel is used to build many things that make a city function, from ships to skyscrapers, to commercial airplanes—steel is needed everywhere. Because of how needed steel is, the steel industry should also be doing very well.

If the steel industry is growing, then it is a sign that the economy is booming as well. An increase in the demand for steel suggests that there are many constructions happening, meaning more buildings for commercial, residential, or industrial use. It may also be a demand for steel used in manufacturing.



Key Takeaway

Steel is a builder’s best friend. It has so many things that make it an ideal construction material. However, it is not just a simple metal. It may be considered an ideal product due to everything that it can bring to those who use it.

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