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September 12, 2019

Reasons Why Steel Is Great for Office Spaces

Why is steel great for building office spaces?

  1. It can be used for wide spaces
  2. It is fire-resistant
  3. It is easy to maintain
  4. It is recyclable


Most Filipino office spaces can be found in multi-story buildings. Additionally, most of these buildings are made with frames consisting of steel in the Philippines. This metal is used for construction because it is stable, easy to use, and binds well with concrete.

Since it is expected that the demand for offices will continuously increase in the next 5 to 10 years, steel as a material is expected to become even more popular. This constant trajectory is thanks to the growing BPO outsourcing industry in the country. Approximately 90,000 sqm of new office spaces are expected to be built in Taguig City from the year 2018 until 2020.

Because the demand for workspace rent by companies will continue to keep growing, today is the right time for you to build your own office building. If you plan on leasing out office spaces to businesses in the future, these are the reasons why steel would be a great choice.

It can be used for wide spaces

It can be used for wide spaces

Because steel does not need columns, you will have the freedom to plan and design wide office floors. In fact, most construction workers can build column-free internal spaces spanning from around 15 to 150 meters. Wide areas such as these will be very helpful in your future plans. You will have the option of choosing to add separate cells for employees, open plan sectors for clients, or even a lobby.

It is fire-resistant

Steel products, such as pipes in the Philippines, can be reinforced with different types of fire-resistant coatings. It has been utilized to minimize the risk of urban fires spreading inside buildings that house combustible materials such as petroleum gas and electrical wires.

Intumescent paint is a fire-resistant coating typically added to steel products used in construction. Intumescent describes compounds that protect objects from a fire. It expands when exposed to high temperatures, effectively insulating the steel inside and keeping it away from the flames.

By keeping steel safe, intumescent paint prolongs its life. Not only is this coating very efficient, but it is also aesthetically pleasing. You will have a lot of design freedom with this paint because of its thin texture, shiny finish, and different shades.

It is easy to maintain

It is easy to maintain

Steel is easy to maintain because it is not easily affected by environmental factors. For example, mold is the biggest issue most buildings face because it grows in areas filled with moisture and high humidity. Additionally, these structures have been built to be more air-tight than ever since the 1970s, making it harder for droplets of water to get inside.

Buildings can be damaged by this type of fungus because it consumes the surfaces it propagates on. It will affect all types of organic matter including paper, paint, and wood. Because fungus thrives in wet environments, wood would not be a good foundation for your future office building since it can easily get damp.

Mold can be a big problem not only because it needs professional cleaning, but also because it produces volatile organic compounds that could affect the health of your residents. Fortunately, this fungus does not grow well in steel buildings because it is essentially an inorganic material. It cannot act as food for mold. Steel also does not hold moisture well because manufacturers have galvanized it with zinc.

It is recyclable

Constructing office buildings can produce a lot of environmentally harmful waste. This is because building different structures can lead to different types of leftovers. Such as in the case of destroyed parts of a framework, a surplus of a certain material, or used material packaging. In fact, 32% of trash in landfills is said to come from the construction of buildings. Because of this, people have been actively trying to find methods and materials which can make construction a more energy-efficient process.

One of the ways you can help the environment is by choosing recyclable materials for the framework of your buildings. Steel just so happens to be one of those. Steel has an infinite recycling life span. It can be reused again and again without the material losing its helpful properties.

Since steel scraps have a lot of economic worth even after its first use, manufacturers have been using them to make new products for their consumers. This action has brought upon a lot of benefits: lower production costs, fewer emissions of carbon dioxide, and lower consumer prices.

Key Takeaway

Buildings offer more than just office spaces for growing companies. It provides great aesthetic, protection from different factors, and environmental sustainability. Steel in the Philippines is able to provide all of these details, making it great for office spaces.

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