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June 10, 2019

Building Using Steel Shipping Containers

What are the advantages of steel shipping containers?

  1. Durability
  2. Cost-effective and more efficient building
  3. Eco-friendly building solution
  4. Modern design concepts


When it comes to long-haul freight delivery, it is a common fixture to see steel shipping containers move around from port to port and city to city, as they deliver goods and supplies to various companies and businesses. These steel shipping containers made using steel products from the Philippines ensure that goods and supplies would be transported to different parts of the world without the worry of the cargo getting compromised by wear and tear and other adverse weather conditions.

Their durability allows them to withstand the elements, and this same quality became the reason why some of these steel shipping containers have been refurbished to create various building and housing projects. This had led to a number of ingenious and innovative building designs that have set a new standard in efficient construction.

Advantages of Building Using Shipping Containers

Using shipping containers in various forms of building projects have bought in a set of advantages that give them an edge over regular construction materials. Here are some of these advantages:




As stated earlier, steel shipping containers are known for their sheer toughness and durability that allows them to withstand the elements when being transported on seaborne cargo vessels. This same durability bodes well when being used in construction projects, as they are mostly weather-proof and can support a heavy amount of weight even when stacked to create multi-level structures.

This allows structures made out of steel shipping containers to have a long lifespan, which makes it a great building material for residential and commercial projects. The sturdy and solid nature of steel containers also helps to make them safe structures to work and live in, especially in more remote areas. Steel containers are designed to provide the most secure method of storing and transporting good and supplies — and that same durability also makes them good spaces for living and working.


Cost-effective and more efficient building

Another benefit of using steel shipping containers to create structures is that they are more cost-effective compared to other building methods as the number of building materials and steel products from the Philippines would be less compared to conventional projects. By having a shape that is already ideal to create a home or building, the cost to modify and adjust these structures would be cheaper than building a house or commercial building from the ground up.

Being a more cost-effective solution also allows construction companies to be able to construct larger building projects at a fraction of a cost. Building using steel shipping containers is also efficient, as the number of modifications and adjustments needed to convert a standard shipping container into workable and livable space are only minimal.

This makes construction time much shorter as well — as erecting a home or building will only take a few weeks — which is faster compared to building a structure using conventional materials and methods which can take months. In fact, steel container structures can be constructed piece by piece in an off-site location, and be delivered and assembled in the designated area, shortening the building time even more. This efficiency and cost-effectiveness make steel container building projects an increasingly attractive option for various people and companies.


Eco-friendly building solution

Eco Friendly Building Solution

Every year, thousands upon thousands of shipping containers across the world are left abandoned and discarded in ports and freight areas to rust and deteriorate. This causes a huge waste problem, as these containers are improperly disposed of and are taking up large amounts of space. Melting these steel shipping containers have also become another disposal option, but this method costs a great amount of money and energy, which can only become detrimental economically in the long run.

This makes upcycling and repurposing these steel containers into construction projects one of the eco-friendliest solutions, as you are lessening the amount of waste by giving a new purpose to these containers. This also lessens the number of building materials that are used which helps reduce the structure’s carbon footprint.


Modern design concepts

Compared to structures made from standard construction methods, structures made out of steel shipping containers allow architects to create more unique and modern designs. The versatility that these steel containers offer when it comes to building design provides an opportunity to craft angular and modular commercial and residential structures that have an emphasis on minimalist and efficient living design. This also opens up more opportunities to create experimental building designs that challenge conventional design thought.


Key Takeaway

Steel shipping containers are some of the most abundant materials in the world. With thousands of these containers being discarded, converting them into structures for homes and businesses is one of the eco-friendliest building solutions around. The efficiency of constructing these buildings, along with the ease of assembling and delivering them makes them one of the most versatile building materials around.

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