Steel and Agriculture Digital Marketing|May 28, 2019

Why Use Steel in the Agricultural Field?

In today’s society, the usage of steel in agricultural lands is advantageous since it upholds different agricultural implements and techniques. Steel is undeniably linked to modern agriculture because living nowadays is all about convenience and efficiency.

Here are the conditions why using steel in the field of agriculture is favorable:

1. Steel is tough.

In crafting machineries or designing buildings specifically for livestock production and crop growing, a person should chiefly consider the durability of the raw materials that can defy the toughest of situations. Steel is the most frequently used metal in the industry today primarily because of its functionality and toughness as a material.

From stainless steels to beams, the structural integrity of agricultural works like barns or machines made of steel simply last compared to wood or plastic-framed composition since steel holds an ideal strength and is corrosion-resistant. Despite the presence of substance and chemicals used in this environment that are highly-corrosive, steel is the most practical, versatile, and useful material above all.

2. Steel structures are virtually maintenance-free and have good economic advantage.

Steel has also a low-maintenance feature that is perfect for finishing up an exterior facade or even interior make-up without the worry of overflowing cleaning and maintenance costs.

In relation to agriculture, one just needs to devote a couple of hours to bring the steel structure back to life after weeks of using it — very unlikely when one maximizes a wooden barn where a person needs to spend a couple of days cleaning it that can affect the ability to continuously generate revenue. In addition, the hygienic advantage of erecting a structural steel should also be emphasized.

Truly, it is more pleasant and profitable for a businessman investing in agriculture if he will spend the days thinking on how to strengthen his production and improve revenue rather than contemplating when he will replace or clean his wooden structure in the farm.

3. Steel is customizable.

Among structures, one that is made of steel can be assembled and erected quickly because they are pre-engineered. At the same time, different adjustments can be done in a steel structure in order to meet differing needs. It doesn’t actually matter if you will be needing a storage room for your products or a place to cultivate your plants, a steel structure can surely adjust.

4. Steel can resist damage.

A major drawback of using wood structures in agricultural field is that these are susceptible to pests like termites, ants, and beetles  that can be problematic in considering the integrity of these structures. If an agriculturist decided to use steel in fencing his farm of creating his barn, then, these pests will steer clear of one’s farm.

At the same time, the longevity of steel is commendable. Due to its metallic composition, the lifespan of a structure made of steel can surely benefit anyone in the long run.


It is undeniable that agriculture is very critical in our society considering that the Philippines is an agricultural country. It serves as the backbone of humanity for providing us the major needs that we should have in order to survive.

And since steel is being used in a variety of applications since time immemorial,  the diversity of steels available in the market now provides space for the number of utilizations across different industries including agriculture. This alloy of iron and carbon created this “era of convenience” that we should maximize to attain a more efficient and sustainable process in every undertaking or industry.