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April 23, 2019

Understanding Steel Coils

What should you know about steel coils?

  1. Production
  2. Storage
  3. Industrial Uses


Coil products made from steel in the Philippines are metal sheets that are rolled through a number of processes. Steel coils have become a prominent material for many industries due to its improvements in quality and speediness of delivery over the years. Additionally, steps have been taken by brands when it comes to caring for them. If you plan on using these items for construction purposes, these are the important factors you should know about them.




Steel coils different in the way they are produced and there are two types; hot and cold.

When steel coils are made using the hot method, these are created at a temperature of 1700 Fahrenheit degrees. Manufacturers will start by getting a billet and putting it through rollers while being heated at the required temperatures. Afterward, the coiled billet will be let to cool.

Many producers are inclined to this method due to its cost-effectiveness. It is cheaper for them mainly because they don’t have to worry about the dimensions and surface finishes. With hot steel coils, you cannot worry too much about their height or width because they are harder to form into your desired shape since you have to leave them to chill. Additionally, companies prefer to use this method for other steel products such as angle bars in the Philippines. You may want to buy a hot steel coil if you are on a budget.

A cold steel coil, on the other hand, is basically a cooled metal roll that already went through the hot method. Here, they go through more processes at room temperature to receive this list of benefits:

  • Increased strength-to-weight ratio
  • Improved surface finish
  • More precise dimensional tolerances

For the metal product to become stronger, the coil will first go through “cold drawing”. Afterward, it will be turned and ground further to remove its imperfections and to make its dimensions reach the desired result. Lastly, the oxide layer of the steel coil gets polished off so it has a better surface finish.

It is also harder to break and deform through powerful forces and heat. It’s the only drawback would be its heavy price tag.



When it comes to using steel products like coils and angle bars in the Philippines, it is important that you know how to safely store the unused ones in your warehouse. By being careful about how you keep it, you are avoiding the risks of these items falling over and hitting people.

When it comes to storing steel coils, you can choose to place these on the ground or on supported racks. After choosing, you need to learn these two most appropriate storage systems:


With this system, you stack the coils on top of each other, with separators in between, and stop once their overall height reaches 3.3 meters. People who choose to keep their materials in a vertical manner need to remember to first, pile them from largest to smallest in diameter. Second, they should all form a central line when heaped together.


You choose to place the coils separately and beside each other. This is the least risky form of storage. All you need is to place a restraint on each item to prevent it from rolling.


Horizontal stacking is used by some construction companies but is generally not recommended. It is unwise to use this system because the horizontal position makes it easier for the coils to roll and fall, compared to the other two methods earlier. The risk of the items leaving their racks increases when one, its surface is improperly painted. Two, workers like you use the improper chocks to wrap these materials together or place the right ones inaccurately.


Industrial Uses

Industrial Uses

Hot and cold coils using steel in the Philippines have become an important material for many industries due to their versatility.

The hot versions are prized by agriculture, railroad, and art sectors for different reasons.

Art Sculptures

The unpolished surfaces of hot steel coil provide inspiration for many artists. Additionally, their exteriors are good to paint.


Tractors and other farm machinery brands use hot rolled sheets for their strength and formidability

Cold steel coil, on the other hand, is important for more specialized industries that need high precision parts.


Car companies like to use this material for the interior and exterior of their vehicles because their smooth surface finish makes everything look attractive to prospective buyers.

Household appliances

Brands who sell appliances like refrigerators need metal pieces that are not only shiny but are strong and can withstand dents.


Cold steel coils impart structural strength to the metal parts of upholstered furniture.


Key Takeaway

Understanding steel coils means knowing the different aspects of it. It has become a useful material for many companies because the material is versatile in its uses. Lastly, there is a variety of coils to choose from depending on your purpose.

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