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Why Is Sand Blasting Done?

Why Is Sand Blasting Done?


Why is sand blasting done?

  1. It cleans surfaces
  2. It creates a smooth finish
  3. It can remove rust and paint
  4. It is fast and simple
  5. It is a safe process


Sand blasting is an abrasive blasting technique used by metal suppliers. It is done by using a high-powered machine to spray sand on a metal surface. The result is a smooth and clean finish. To know more about the reasons why sand blasting is important, keep on reading!


It Cleans Surfaces

Sand blasting a rusty car part

Many industries work with machines and facilities that involve metal parts. Some of these get dirty over time because of daily use. Some examples of hard-to-clean particles are grease, oil, clay, and dirt, which may or may not harden over time. When these parts are not regularly maintained or cleaned, it can lead to damage and breakage. This will cost the company to replace machines with new metal parts, which is more expensive.

Cleaning hard surfaces by hand can be time-consuming and tiring when done manually. Especially if the impurities already stick to the surface. In this case, sand blasting is a good alternative. The high power can quickly get rid of any hard to clean dirt that might be sticking to gears, machinery, tanks, or any hard surface.

With sand blasting, customers will experience an affordable and fast cleaning process. Regular maintenance can also prevent any damage to important parts in the long run.


It Creates a Smooth Finish

When steel products are newly manufactured, the surface is not that smooth. Sanding the materials manually could take a lot of time and energy from your workers. Instead of accomplishing many things for the day, your progress will be slow and employees will tire easily.

Sand blasting can be a great way to easily prepare a metal surface for any finishes and sealants that you want to apply. A smooth finish will ensure that the coatings adhere properly and will not tire your workforce.


It Can Remove Rust And Paint

Rusty steel bars

Aside from dirt, sand blasting can also help remove rust and paint off of metal surfaces. This can be a more affordable alternative to prolong the life of your metal objects instead of having to go and purchase new ones every few months.

Aside from removing rust and paint, you don’t have to pay for an additional service to prepare a metal surface for repainting and coating. This is because the process of sand blasting can also remove any impurities to make a smooth finish.

Sand blasting can even help with the restoration of old cars, appliances, and metal parts that are left to be infested by rust. There are many vintage collectors who can appreciate this process.


It Is Fast And Simple

The sand blasting process can replace the long and tiring process of manually cleaning and preparing surfaces. It can complete a task in just hours, instead of days. It can also be done by one person depending on the size of the material.

Since the machine uses high power to blast sand, surfaces that have hardened or sticky substances on them can be quickly cleaned. Even areas that are hard to reach that cannot be cleaned manually can be targeted by a sand blasting machine.

The cleanup is easy too. The operator will just need to lay a tarp on the floor which will catch all the debris that will be removed from the surface.


It Is A Safe Process

A man in a PPE sand blasting

The usual materials used for sand blasting are generally safe and non-toxic compared to other cleaning materials made with all types of chemicals. The sand used can be made from biodegradable particles such as walnuts. However, take note that particles from cleaned surfaces can be toxic if inhaled.

Although sand blasting is a safe process, we recommend that you leave it to the professionals. A trained operator will know how to safely handle the machine as well as the protocols to follow to protect themselves and other people in their surroundings. They should always have proper personal protective equipment such as coveralls, helmets, goggles, gloves, masks, and safety boots.


Key Takeaway

We hope that the information above helped you understand the reasons why sand blasting is important. Sand blasting is a process of using high speeds to spray sand on surfaces for different purposes.

It is done to clean dirty surfaces with any tough stains such as grease, oil, clay, and dirt, which may or may not harden over time. It can also prepare and prime metal surfaces before applying any sealants or finishing coats. It can restore damaged surfaces that have rust and old paint.

All of these are made simple and easy because sand blasting uses high-powered machinery to do the job, as opposed to manual cleaning and sanding which can take time and energy. Lastly, it is generally a safe process because the operator is trained to do the job.

If you’re interested in sand blasting services, you may contact us here. We also offer other services such as angled bar/structural section bending, base plate cutting, base plate/sheet perforation, build-up fabrication of heavy beams, coil-shearing and slitting, galvanizing, logistics services, and pipe bending/joining.


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