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August 28, 2020

What Are The Main Components In Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings?

Steel frame of a roof


What are the main components of pre-engineered metal buildings?

  1. Primary Frame
  2. Secondary Elements
  3. Roof and Wall Panels
  4. The Crane System
  5. Accessories


Nowadays, more people and industries are seeing the amazing benefits of pre-engineered metal buildings. Over the past few years, there has been a rise in offices, houses, salesrooms, storehouses, depots, and shopfronts that have utilized this type of system for their structures. And who can blame them? Pre-engineered metal buildings save you half the time compared to standard construction. They are also low maintenance and they can provide projects with endless and more flexible design options.


What are pre-engineered metal buildings?

Pre-engineered metal buildings are a groundbreaking innovation where the complete design of a project is manufactured at a factory and brought to the site in a completely knockdown condition or a CKD. To bring the project to life, it is fixed and joined at the site with cranes.

Think of it as a large puzzle. Everything is provided, all you need to do is assemble it. So if you are searching for a reliable, efficient, and straightforward process for your next project, you might want to look into this unique system.

To help you better understand pre-engineered metal buildings, we’ve listed down the main components that go into it. Typically, the major components of pre-engineered buildings are broken down into these five parts.


Primary Frame

Steel Primary Frame Roofing

This is what makes up the frame for your structure. The column and the rafters are the main elements of primary framing. The frame provides structural support to the side building and is the material that is used to support the poured concrete. On the other hand, rafters are what is used to provide support to the roof at the center of the building and its associated loads. The number of primary frames will always depend on the size and type of building you are constructing.


Secondary Elements

Next are the secondary structural frames. These are mainly composed of:


Purlins, Grits, and Eave Struts

These are “z” or “c” type sections with stiffened flanges. While purlins are used on the roof, grits are used on the walls. This acts as a framing system for sheeting purposes. Typically, these are not welded. Rather, they are prepared by being bent to give it their shape.


Cable bracing is what secures the firmness and the stability of the building against occurrences in the longitudinal directions such as earthquakes, heavy winds, and cranes. These are typically found in sidewalls.


Roof and Wall Panels

Metal Roof and Wall Panels

Walls and roof panels are where sheeting comes in — these are what is attached to the purlins of the structure and are what fully cover the space. Sheeting (also called cladding) is best when it is galvanized to provide extra support and border to walls. This will also allow the material to be coated in a variety of your preferred colors and textures.


The Crane System

Once everything is complete for the construction process, it’s time to actualize. As stated above, cranes are used to bring the project to life. With this method, there is improved material handling and better utilization of space in the site. It can also save you a significant amount in terms of costs. There are various types of cranes used for this. EOT overhead crane, pendant, cabin operated, overhung/under-slung crane system, monorail crane or hoist system, wall-mounted crane, or jib cranes.



Steel window frame

Building accessories may not be vital structurally, however, they are very important to the functionality of the space. It finishes up the overall look. These are your wall lights, doors, windows, ventilators, etc.


Key Takeaway

There’s no doubt about how beneficial pre-engineered metal buildings are. This kind of application is convenient for any type of project. These elements are much more simplified compared to the normal methods of construction projects.

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