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August 17, 2020

Why You Should Buy Checkered Steel Plates

Top shot of checkered steel plates

Why should you buy checkered steel plates?

  1. It Offers Increased Traction
  2. It Has A Varying Degree Of Uses
  3. It Is Cheaper Than Regular Steel Plates


The use of metal in creating structures is constantly being improved. One popular type of metal widely used are checkered steel plates. Many manufacturers still produce this material today as it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also comes with extra functions within its design. The steel plate market is vast and diverse, but if you’re interested in this type of steel plate, here’s why you should buy it.


It Offers Increased Traction

Checkered Steel Plates on a Construction Site

Checkered steel plates are also known as tread plates or diamond plates. They have a raised pattern on the surface. This pattern is not only there for aesthetics but for a specific function: increasing surface traction.

Checkered plates are useful for instances wherein you need extra slip-resistance. It can be utilized in industrial warehouses, truck tool boxes, and loading docks. It can also be used for rustic industrial style homes for added texture.

Normally, walking on a smooth metal surface poses danger. It can lead to accidents, especially if the surface is wet. With a checkered plate, you increase safety as the pattern is designed to reduce the risk of slips. If you’re looking for a durable surface that’s slip-resistant with a lot of traction, this material is for you.


It Has A Varying Degree Of Uses

Checkered Steel Plates Staircase

Typically you will find diamond plates used in various safety-related flooring and surfaces due to their aforementioned slip-resistant surface. Checkered plates are diverse and can be used for industrial walkways to create stairs and ramps with significantly less slipping. One of the most common examples is an outdoor fire exit. Usage of the checkered plate for this purpose can prevent the fire exit steps from becoming too slick to use due to rain.

Another commonality for the checkered plate is its usage for pickup trucks and trailers. Most people that use a pickup truck often step in and out of the truck bed. Without a good checkered plate, the pickup truck bed can become a den of accidents. The checkered plate is used as an accent on the truck bumpers and truck beds to prevent skidding when stepping on and off of the vehicle. This applies to trailers as well. The extra traction will reduce skidding, especially if materials are being loaded on and off the truck or trailer.

Whether you choose from aluminum or steel checkered plates, each can produce a unique finish that can be appealing to your aesthetic. Many interior designers and architects can attest to the unique appearance of the checkered plate. It’s often used to create an industrial-style architectural look. When used at home these plates can be used for stairs, backsplashes, accent walls, tabletops, and other similar interior design components.


It Is Cheaper Than Regular Steel Plates

Rolls of regular steel plates

When it comes to investing in materials for your project, it’s always a good idea to have a relatively affordable option. Going for something dirt cheap may seem like a good strategy but the quality you get may not be up to industry standard. Checkered plates have durability and economic advantages over a regular steel plate. Processing steel plates is more expensive than checkered steel.

To make a standard steel plate, the material has to pass through a series of large rollers to achieve the desired thickness. This can take a lot of time and effort to produce. Similarly, the checkered plate is made the same way with one difference. The last roller is used to emboss the pattern directly on to the plate. It will only emboss one side as the rollers are set up this way.

Some steel plates fresh off the rollers are more expensive depending on the supplier you approach. It’s important to find one that can offer you a good but quality deal. It’s also a good idea to see if they have special coatings available for the checkered plates to further increase its durability and slip-resistance.


Key Takeaway

Checkered steel plates are used to reduce the risks of slipping on catwalks, stairs, walkways, and more. The added texture can ensure that there’s extra tracking when moving materials and walking on this type of surface. It’s an excellent material that can be used in wet conditions and as a special type of flooring to mitigate risks.

The checkered plate is also more than just functionality as it can also be used for design purposes. It can be used to design a room that is engaging and functional. Whether you’re using it for your workplace or your home, investing in a checkered plate is a sound investment.

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