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The Circulation of Substandard Steel Materials in the Philippines

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Steel is a commonly used material in construction because of its many benefits. That is why many construction projects involve the use of steel. But like any other building material, it must undergo strict tests to determine its quality. High-quality building materials mean that your construction will be successful and long-lasting. It will withstand the test of time and protect the people and objects inside the structure. But what happens when you only use substandard materials? In recent years, we are seeing the circulation of substandard steel materials in the Philippines.

The use of substandard materials in construction will pose many safety risks. These buildings will easily break down, hurt people, and damage property — and no one wants any of these to happen. Plus, instead of being cheaper in the long run, substandard materials will cost much greater because of the damages. Read on to learn more about the proliferation of substandard steel in the Philippines.

Circulation of Substandard Steel in the Philippines

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Substandard steel has been in the market recently. Some disreputable steel manufacturers are selling these materials with a lower quality to save manufacturing costs and gain higher revenue.

Banned induction furnaces from other countries are being used here in the Philippines to produce steel used in construction because it is cheaper to use compared to using an electric furnace. But, of course, there is a reason that these furnaces were banned. The products produced from these banned furnaces produce substandard materials.

With these furnaces, the production of substandard steel in the Philippines increased dramatically. Because of it becoming more widespread, more buyers become victims. Not many know how to inspect the quality of steel and may end up buying substandard products.

One buyer can increase to a hundred, and imagine the consequences of that on the quality of the increasing amount of buildings and structures in our country.

DTI Stricter Inspection on Steel Materials

Philippine Iron and Steel Institute (PISI) has been campaigning against the production of substandard steel in the Philippines since it started. In 2018, when these furnaces were being imported to the Philippines, they fought for an import ban on these furnaces.

In 2019, DTI conducted surprise inspections on suppliers. If a steel manufacturer and its distributors are proven to be violating the quality standards, their permits will be suspended or worse, be imprisoned. Steel manufacturers all over the Philippines were closed down because of this move.

Early this year, the Philippine Product Safety and Quality Foundation (PPSQF) called the government into action to inspect and investigate substandard steel suppliers that still remain in our country. DTI has posted standards for steel, but some steel manufacturers are still being able to sell substandard products. PISI, on the other hand, has been doing their inspection of steel in the market, and have sent DTI a letter of violators.

Substandard Steel Materials and Natural Disasters

People working on a roof damaged by natural disaster

In recent years, the Philippines has gone through earthquakes that destroyed buildings and took people’s lives. This has alarmed some groups about future earthquakes that could hit the Philippines and can result to even more death counts. Because of this, The Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines (ASEP) pointed out that stricter inspection on the quality of steel should be implemented. Buildings that use substandard steel can easily be demolished by a strong magnitude earthquake.

What is alarming is that some high-rise buildings in cities already use these substandard materials. This could pave the way for more deaths and destruction, especially in highly populated residential and commercial areas of the city. If this phenomenon is not stopped, we could be facing higher damages in the long run.

Key Takeaway

Steel is a critical material used in construction projects — from big to small. Its quality can greatly affect the overall strength of a building and how it can withstand natural disasters. Steel, like other building materials, should go through tests that ensure that it is only made of the highest quality. Otherwise, it could risk the safety of the people and property that go inside a building.

The circulation of substandard steel materials in the Philippines is a real phenomenon. Some steel suppliers and manufacturers knowingly sell their substandard products. But if other countries can ban induction furnaces that produce substandard steel, so can we.

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