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April 20, 2018

Different Applications of Steel in the Philippines

What are the different industries that have steel applications in the Philippines?

  • Construction of infrastructure
  • Furniture and Furnishings
  • Transportation Facilities and Vehicles
  • Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment



The Philippines steel industry is one of the primary contributors to the country’s economic and sustainable growth. The country is rich in metallic and non-metallic minerals, so it’s hardly surprising that it is a steady source of steel. Some of the most abundant metals in the Philippines are gold, copper, nickel, and chromite.

Steel is one of the sturdiest material you can use for different applications. Most applications here in the Philippines focus on construction, but there is more to steel than the foundation in these sites. They are, in fact, also the foundation in nation-building.

Philippine steel manufacturers continually expand their production capacities because the demand for steel is not waning. Not to mention that you won’t see it declining anytime soon. With steel being so vital, you’ll have to get used to steel manufacturers also continually expanding, their businesses ranging locally to foreign allies. More than that, they’re also endlessly expanding their capacities.

You already know about its establishment as a business, but have you ever wondered which industries employ steel as the forerunning product for their processes? Then read on below!



Construction Infrastructure

Construction Infrastructure

A large component of steel production goes to the construction industry. This is because sustainable steel structures can be built at a rapid pace at a cheap, which can ultimately be more economical. Steel can be designed to follow the plan of the builder with no difficulty.

It is easily incorporated into various infrastructures. Namely in low- and high-rise buildings, government establishments, infrastructures, recreational centers, high-security fences, tunnels, and more.

Its presence in the construction activities can be attributed to efficient steel production which society benefits from indefinitely.



Furniture and Furnishings

Stainless steel is used extensively on interior furnishings. Its elegant finish makes it a top material for furniture and its lightweight property makes it popular with consumers.

It gives your home or office a crisp, modern look and also gives off a minimalist vibe. Metal chairs and tables are used in kitchens and even clinics because of its simple but tough design.

Steel is easily cleanable and you don’t have to worry it being damaged because it is easy to take care of.

Stylish and durable at the same time, steel furniture can blend into your home décor. There are also types of steel which you can paint over it which will allow you to choose colors that will match the look of your structure.

Indeed, steel products are the perfect blend of design, aesthetics, and functionality.



 Transportation Facilities and Vehicles

Transportation Facilities and Vehicles

Steel has been used in manufacturing transport vehicles ever since 1859 when the first major railway bridge employed steel.

Vehicles are made up of advanced high-strength steels produced with less energy but with lightweight material and reduce CO2 emissions.

Steel is used for car body, engines, steering, suspension, wheel axles, and doors among others.

Aside from cars, steel is responsible for the production of trucks, trains, rails, ships, aircraft, and jet engine parts as well.



Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment

If you haven’t wrapped around your head that steel is a part of your daily life, then how’s this for size: almost every product you see is made from steel or made from a steel-made machine.

Your smartphone, computer, even your shoes, are made of steel manufacturing machinery and equipment. Steel is a vital part of civilization and an innovative partner of technology.

Speaking of construction again, equipment such cranes, bulldozers, forklifts, and drills are made of steel. Agriculture is made possible by its tools like shovels, rakes, hoes, plows, and silos—and guess what? All of them are made of steel! So we can also attribute even the natural food we eat to steel.

The best part about steel is that it is recyclable so you can even use scraps to manufacture a new product. Recycling preserves the environment as well as integrating new products for manufacture.



Key Takeaway

You couldn’t emphasize it enough, steel is an ever-present product in our society and its applications in various industries is a great contribution to everyone. The different applications of steel in the Philippines contribute to the economic growth of the country as well as the basic necessities of the people.



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