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Sand blasting

Steel preparation is key to achieve a surface finish that is unrivalled in quality. At Regan Industrial Sales, we can also conduct sand blasting or abrasive blasting surface treatment on our products prior to delivery.

Sandblasting typically refers to the process of propelling miniscule pieces of material grits to etch or clean a surface. During this method, a compressed medium — usually water or air — is directed at high-velocities to the target material. It’s usually done to remove any surface impurities, such as burrs, debris, mill scale, oil, rust, contaminants, or other unwanted particles on the material before it can be coated.

Before abrasive blasting, we ensure that all our personnel are wearing the necessary PPE and safety equipment. Our sandblasting operations only take place in controlled environments that have sufficient ventilation. All components of the equipment that we use have also been thoroughly cleaned and inspected prior to doing this technique. This ensures that no health and safety hazards will take place during the process. After sandblasting, our products can now be coated through painting or other galvanizing techniques.

While the idea of the sandblasting process may seem simple, it creates many wondrous benefits for any steel product that hasn’t undergone surface preparation. While you may not really be familiar with the process, we’re always ready to provide you with information to understand more about the effects of sandblasting.

With improper surface preparation, further surface treatment will render the metal to be unworkable for further processing. This would mean that steel pipes, sheets, piles, or beams, for example, might be prone to pitting and corrosion that can create irreversible damages. Sandblasting is a remedy for this, because it prepares the surface of your steel materials for further surface protection treatment methods. If your building’s framework makes use of steel beams, for example, sandblasting can aid in the surface preparation the beams where the final outer protection will prevent wear and tear and improve the overall longevity of the structure.

If you require top-notch sandblasting services in the Philippines, we can certainly accommodate you. Get in touch with us now!