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Every pipe that we supply thru our Subsidiary Supreme Steel Pipe Inc. has undergone rigorous quality tests and we guarantee that our pipes strictly comply with the local standard set forth by DTI under PNS 26: v.2018.

Pipe bending simply refers to a metal fabrication process that’s used to provide an angle on the pipe length. Bending services may be required to ensure that the pipe component can be secured in the intended spot. During the process, a bending machine is used to undertake single or multiple bends in order to shape the specimen. The steel material first needs to be ductile and machinable before bending can take place. The resulting material can come in either simple or complex formations, depending on the request of the customer.

Bending process retains the many desirable physical properties of steel. Depending on the kind of cold-working process employed, the steel pipe can provide a variety of functions. With bending, for example, pipe installers will have an easier time of fitting piping components with one another. The pipes don’t need to undergo any expensive methods (i.e. welding and further fabrication) just to simply fit with other types of fittings, water supplies, tanks, fixtures and more.

Regan Industrial Sales Inc. also makes available joining mechanism for specialized purposes. These coupling methods are mainly used to join two pipe lengths together to achieve a greater variety of applications.

Need a pipe bending service done on our product? Regan Industrial Sales Inc. possesses just the right type of skills and expertise to get it done for you. Contact us now to learn more about how our pipe bending and coupling mechanism processes work.