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logistics services

Regan Industrial Sales Inc. have strategically established different supply/manufacturing locations and hubs across the country. With the presence of our three hubs in Manila, Cebu, and Davao, and also with the help of our logistics partners stationed nationwide, our organization promises to deliver your steel materials and requirements with only the fastest time possible.

To supply our client’s project needs, we also practice the optimal safe distribution of our materials. Before transportation, we see to it that our steel products are loaded in the proper sequence and the right materials are being delivered all the time. When transporting with trucks, steels are secured with binders and railings to prevent them from slipping around. On ship transportation, they are secured inside shipping containers or flat tracks. Clamps and coils are also added to larger steel sections to keep them safe no matter the ship movement.

Our logistic partners are adept at mapping out the best routes upon shipping. It is to ensure that danger zones or traffic-congested areas are avoided to prevent delays. We also take note of the types and shapes of steel set for transportation. We consider weight to prevent any risks and inconveniences driven by capacity limits upon shipments. By identifying such factors, steel products are safe from us to the journey until they reach you.

Regan ensures that the processing of orders is done intuitively with the best service possible, trust us to process your orders immediately. We take extra care in ensuring that no delays in delivery take place. We also make sure that each product you order from us will be carefully loaded into our transport to maintain their quality.

At Regan Industrial Sales Inc, we work hard to deliver excellent customer service, product quality, quick turnaround time, and competitive pricing. Reach out to us today for your project’s needs!