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Galvanizing is a time-tested solution employed in the steel industry to prevent oxidation or eliminate the presence of atmospheric rust. Steel being susceptible to rust needs outer protection on its surface. One of the most widely used method is galvanizing.

To give you an insight on our galvanizing process, Regan utilizes a modern galvanizing facility where steel will be submerged in a bath of molten zinc all timed in a synchronous manner. What this process does is it coats the surface of bare metal with zinc which in turn creates a bond that when completely dried, provides the surface area of the bare metal with protection. The key take away in our process is we have a measuring tool where we can precisely coat the steel with the molten zinc in accordance to well-known world standards of zinc coating.

In order to achieve a perfect bond of the zinc alloy to the bare steel surface, we at Regan ensure that our pre-galvanizing process eliminates any elements that may be present in the surface that can impede the coating process. We ensure this by making sure that our preparation bath is always at optimal condition.

Our galvanizing methods have been perfected over time to ensure consistency and quality. Each piece of equipment that we use in the process is always well-maintained so that no galvanizing defects occur and we can achieve equal coating. Our services are also ideal for different steel products like beams, angled bars, perforated bars, sheets, and more.