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As a value-added fabrication service, one of our many specialties includes customized metal bending for angle bars. We can take your prototype or designs and bring it to life for your specific project and needs. Regan Industrial Sales can assist you in customization employing highly trained operators and fabricators that produce the utmost consistency in the end products.

Regan Industrial Sales offers and makes available a wide array of sizes for structural and everyday applications. They are vital components in construction and are used in many industries for their supporting and structural factors. Also, steel angles can be utilized in agricultural implements, roof trusses, transportation equipment, shipping, and many engineering projects.

For other kinds of structural steel components, the bending process makes it possible for metal fabricators to come up with a wide range of structural steel pieces. These pieces can be used in constructing parts for pre-engineered metal buildings, such as mainframes, metal wall panels, roof panels, struts, purlins, and more. All of these building parts are essential in allowing the structure to withstand different impacts that may be caused by external environmental conditions.

Likewise, materials that have undergone the bending process can be further customized. Certain markings and perforations can be added to the workpiece so that it can accommodate other steel sheets, fittings, bolts, nuts, and screws which are all important in securing the entire metal, or nonmetal structure in place.

Here at Regan Industrial Sales Inc, we guarantee that each angle bar we supply complies with the local Philippine standards according to PNS 657 v.2008. Reach out to us today to learn more about our customized angle bar bending services for your next project!