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Coil Shearing And Slitting

Regan Industrial Sales Inc. offers the convenience of having coils delivered to clients in sheet form. We use only state-of-the-art shearing and slitting machineries that combines speed to produce more output and precision-cut end product.

Shearing and slitting are methods used to customize sizes of cut sheet materials. The two process complements each other in that for a wide variety of sizes, these machines work hand in hand to produce cut-coils from a wider base material to a narrower finished cut sheet.

Both metal coil-cutting processes may seem similar, but they differ in a number of ways. The shearing process, in particular, is ideal for cutting straight lines on flat metal Coil stock. Special tungsten carbide blades exert force producing straight line cuts.

Coil slitting, on the other hand, can be applied on both coil and sheets with narrower widths. This process cuts wide metals coils into narrower coils with the use of blades on the slitter. Before being slit, the coils are uncoiled in a coiler drum and then placed on a leveler. Once flattened, they are ready for slitting. The blades on the slitter are adjusted based on the required tolerance throughout the process, which varies according to the type and thickness of the material to be slit. Adjustments are specified with every operation to ensure consistent results. Since every metal work differs on its optimal knife clearance, accuracy is harder to achieve on thinner materials.

Some of the common problems in the coil slitting process include edge waves, crossbow, knife marks, burrs, camber, and inconsistent slit widths. To avoid this, we are equipped with high-quality and well-maintained tools to achieve optimal slitting results.

Our shearing and slitting services can accommodate a wide variety of coils with different dimensions. In order to serve our customers better, we take into consideration the thickness of the material, slit width, slit width tolerance, minimum or maximum ID, and maximum OD. If you have any more specifications, simply inform us so we can accommodate you.