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The availability of our heavy beams are just some of the most sought after inputs in construction and structural applications you’ll find locally in the market. The heavy beam manufacturing process creates framed structures consisting of individual cut to size pieces of flat steel joined into a single unit by hot weld process. Built-up beams are mainly used as structural elements whereby it strictly adheres to the designers’ vision of the final structure.

Beams are functional structural elements built to minimize sectional area and transfer load. These are horizontal or vertical structures where other elements of a building is hedged on. Sturdy and load bearing capacities of these gigantic built-up beams assure the design will be built to withstand the forces of nature.

There are several types of Beams with their corresponding functions and applications. Typically, the type of beams is used accordingly in a vast application under these industries: civil engineering, construction work, automotive, heavy machinery, and general heavy-duty applications.

The general shapes of beams typically resemble the letters “H” and “I”. Depending on the size and specific usage, these beams are used in the construction industry for speed and efficient use of limited resources. The efficiency of beams is determined if they deflect less when the cross sectional area is subjected to the same loading conditions. Other popular shapes like Land T-beams are also utilized in specific construction requirements like roofing and support pillars.

Normal steel sections such as beams are readily available from reputable steel mills utilizing the hot rolled process. Built-up beams are also known as compound beams, hence when a project calls for a structural design that can withstand a bespoke structural system, Built-up beams are utilized. They will be the basis for a more complex structure that normal sized beams cannot offer.

Regan Industrial Sales Inc offers a wide variety of steel sections including those of regular hot rolled beams and Built up beams to get the job done for you. We can supply our customers with a range of steel sections such as H-beams, I-beams, T-beams and other equal-legged beams. They’re suitable for installation in networks of stable steel framing. Our beams have been specifically designed and engineered and made available to suite the designers’ preferences for its desired application