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5 Uses of Steel Matting

Wire mech on black background

What are the uses of steel matting? 

  1. Building and Construction
  2. Farming and Animal Keeping
  3. Machine Safety
  4. Decoration

Steel matting, sometimes known as welded wire mesh, is a metal product made from the intersection of wires to make a mat. The wires are soldered together to make it tough and impenetrable. These are also incredibly sturdy, long-lasting, can resist corrosion and hot temperatures, and can be used for various applications. What are the uses of steel matting? Read on to learn more.

Building and Construction

photo of steel matting

Steel matting is a common sight on construction sites. You will most likely see the material while you walk along a street where a building is being constructed. This metal product is used for strengthening building facades and making them safer and more durable. It serves as a foundation before putting pavements. It is also utilized in the construction of roads and highways. 

These mesh wires can be customized according to different needs. For example, galvanized steel matting is made from high-quality wires. This is the most common steel matting that can be seen in the market today.

Farming and Animal Keeping

Steel matting can also be used in animals and agriculture. These can be utilized to create enclosures for domesticated animals such as pig pens, chicken coops, and pasture fences. Some even use it to create sections to segregate different types of animals and plants. 

It can keep animals from escaping while also protecting them from possible danger and wild animal attacks. Similarly, plants are also protected from pests. Additionally, steel matting is strong enough to take impact from any incoming vehicles.

The design of a steel matting doesn’t only keep both plants and animals contained and safe but also comfortable. It combines both visibility and toughness. The mesh of wires is welded uniformly — creating even spacing between wires. The grid spacing between the wires allows air and sunlight to still reach the plants and animals.

Aside from farms, steel matting cages are also used in veterinarian clinics, zoos, and traps for pest control units. 

Machine Safety

stack of steel matting

Because steel matting is tough and can withstand impact, it can be used as a fence or cage to protect machinery. It can help contain and segregate equipment in sections. Some industries use steel matting to make baskets for transferring materials and powerful gears. 

Steel matting can make small rooms for clients and protect people when they are using these machines for work. At the same time, it is also flexible and can be moved from location to location. 

It is also vital in keeping certain areas of the workplace secure from unauthorized access.


In commercial spaces like hotels and restaurants, steel matting adds a modern appeal to things such as sculptures and wall facades. These steel matting designs can be both visually appealing and functional. It can also serve as wall partitions or room dividers.

It can be used for homes as well. Steel matting can also be used as door and window screens to keep insects out. Inside the kitchen, it can be used to place additional shelving while also serving as a modern design. It can additionally serve as a decoration for doors, windows, fences, and furniture.  What’s more, steel matting can be produced in different colors, which adds to the aesthetic factor. It can also be made from different kinds of metal, depending on the requirements. 

Security and Safety Measures

steel matting used for security

The qualities of steel matting are perfect for security and safety measures. 

In fact, steel matting has been used in sports arenas to protect the audience from stray balls. Its design ensures that the game will still be visible and cheers can still be heard. It is unlike other types of fences that can be climbed over. Steel matting can be designed to have very narrow spaces which make it hard to climb up. It can also be customized to be as short or tall as you need. 

Key Takeaway

There are many uses of steel matting. It combines durability, flexibility, and visibility. These qualities make it usable for various applications in different industries. We can see it in construction, farming, animal keeping, machine safety, decoration, and security. If you have any other questions about steel matting, contact us here at Regan Industrial. We can help you find the perfect steel products for your needs.

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