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    6 Common Uses Of Cold Rolled Steel

    6 Common Uses Of Cold Rolled Steel

    What are the common uses of cold rolled steel?

    1. Construction parts 
    2. Production machinery
    3. Metal furniture and home appliances
    4. Automotive industry
    5. Manufacturing industry
    6. Other uses  


    Not all metal fabrication processes involve heating steel above its recrystallization temperature. For instance, cold rolling is done at room temperature.  It should come as no surprise that rolling and forming steel at normal temperatures requires more pressure. However, because cold-rolled steel is processed considerably below the temperature at which steel recrystallizes, it has a number of advantages. Below we discuss the common uses of cold rolled steel. But first, let’s look into what cold rolled steel is, how it is formed, and what are the advantages of cold rolled steel over hot rolled steel.  


    What Is Cold Rolled Steel? 

    Cold rolled steel is a type of steel processed without the use of heat. Steel that is cooled on its own is subject to a physically-intensive process. In contrast to hot rolling, which is used to make hot rolled steel, cold rolling can only take place when a steel is below its re-crystallization temperature. 


    How Is Cold Rolled Steel Formed? 

    Cold rolling is done at room temperature. Mechanical stress is utilized to alter the structure of metal instead of heat. The strength of the steel can then be increased by up to 20% through strain hardening, which can also enhance the metal’s surface quality.


    Advantages of Cold Rolled Steel 

    During the cold rolling process, when the metal is put under mechanical stress, it causes a permanent change to the crystalline structure of the metal. This causes an increase in its strength and often improves corrosion resistance. 

    Along with improving its surface finish, another advantage of cold rolling is better dimensional accuracy. This process is ideal for steel products that need to be fabricated with extremely tight tolerances. 

    Given the many advantages of cold rolled steel, it is used in numerous applications, such as garages, steel sheds, home appliances, plumbing fixtures, packing materials, aerospace components, and production machinery. 

    Below are the common uses of cold rolled steel: 


    Construction Parts 

    In the construction industry, cold rolled steel is commonly used for manufacturing beams, columns, built-up sections, floor decking, and other essential metal components. 

    In addition, it is used in different construction projects such as grain bins, railways, bridges, storage racks, sheds, drainage facilities, roofing and wall systems, buildings, garages, and more. 


    Production Machinery 

    Production Machinery 

    Cold rolled steel is tested and proven to be potentially strengthened by up to 20%. In addition, cold rolling offers high stamping performance, excellent mechanical properties, and low yield strength. 

    Cold rolled steel can also be easily cut, punched, drilled, bent, and formed with good results. For all these benefits, cold rolled steels are heavily used in making production and industrial machinery in the Philippines.


    Metal Furniture and Home Appliances

    Due to its mechanical stress procedure, cold rolled steel displays a smooth and sturdy surface. It can also be rolled thinner by up to 50%, which makes it ideal for metal furniture and home appliances manufacturing. It does not only guarantee you longer service life, but it also offers a more visually appealing and aesthetic appearance.

    At Regan Industrial Sales, Inc. (RISI), our standard cold rolled steel products in the Philippines can be found in washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, electric fans, office filing cabinets, school lockers, and more.


    Automotive Industry

    Automotive Industry

    Steel is a common part of the automotive industry. Cold rolled steel, in particular, is more commonly used over hot rolled steel due to its wear-resistant and shockproof qualities. 

    In this type of industry, cold rolled steel is utilized to manufacture load-bearing elements of vehicles and cars. Additionally, it can also be used to manufacture automotive seat parts, electric motors, fuel tanks, and more.


    Manufacturing Industry

    In the manufacturing industry, cold rolled steel is also a widely used steel material. Below are the following common cold rolled products:

    • Steel coil — a finished, thin, and flat steel sheet or strip referred to as cold rolled steel coil.
    • Steel tube — a steel piping with a hollow length and section known as a cold rolled steel tube.
    • Steel sheet — a thin, flat, and rectangular metal sheet called cold rolled steel sheet.
    • Painted steel – cold rolled steel has excellent paintability and formability, which is why it’s the base metal of various steel products like galvanized steel.


    Other Uses

    Other Uses

    Finally, the uses of cold rolled steel are not limited to the above. It can also be used in many other applications. Here’s the list for your reference:

    • Plumbing or lighting fixtures
    • Aerospace parts
    • Packing materials
    • Conveyor systems
    • Hardware accessories
    • Exhaust pipes
    • Toolboxes and other metal containers
    • Precision instruments
    • Tables and chairs
    • Water heaters
    • Lawnmowers
    • Railway vehicles 


    Key Takeaway

    When it comes to the uses of cold rolled steel, you can see that this material can be applied as the main material for a variety of automotive, manufacturing, and construction applications.

    If you need cold rolled steel for your projects, look no further than Regan Industrial Sales, Inc. We are a reputable manufacturer of steel products in the Philippines. We have cold rolled steel products available in a wide range of sizes and finishes. Get in touch with Regan Industrial Sales, Inc. today!