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July 25, 2018

Steel, the Premier Construction Material in the Philippines

What makes steel the premier construction material in the Philippines?

  1. Low manufacturing costs
  2. Faster construction
  3. High strength
  4. Sustainability



Today, steel is steadily becoming the construction material of choice for many construction companies, small or large. While wood might have been the preferred construction material here in the Philippines for many different structures, the advancements in the manufacturing process of steel have made it the clear superior to wood in almost every point in construction.

In addition, structures that have been made with steel are naturally more resistant to natural phenomena such as floods, earthquakes, fires, and floods. Steel is also resistant to the ravages of mold, pests, and corrosion that causes millions of pesos in damage to homes every year. But perhaps the best quality of using steel as a primary construction material is that it poses little to no threat to the environment because it is easily recyclable.

Steel is quickly becoming the material of choice for many contractors and organizations. Here’s why steel is the premier construction material in the Philippines.



Low Manufacturing Costs

Low Manufacturing Costs

Steel that is fabricated in controlled conditions results in a construction material that is high quality and free from defects using a process that produces very little waste. In addition, because steel products require little maintenance and are durable, you are making the most of the resources that are involved in fabricating this material and are minimizing the costs required to maintain your structures.

The savings in cost you can get from buildings that are primarily made from steel starting at the foundations. The loads imposed by a frame made with steel are up to 50 percent less than those of frames made with concrete. In other words, you can create a foundation that is much smaller and costs significantly less. Because the foundation is a big part of the overall costs of the building, a lighter and therefore less expensive foundation can have a substantial impact on the total construction budget.



Faster Construction

Structures and buildings that are made from steel can be erected quickly because the accuracy and predictability of steel as a construction material can speed up the process. In fact, one of the primary reasons why steel is a premier construction material is because of how fast a structure can be completed with it as a material.

A building that can be constructed in a shorter period can lead to preliminary, on-site savings, reduced interest rates, and an earlier return on your investment. Substantial time-savings can result in the reduction of the overall cost of your projects.

While other materials can be used in the field sooner than steel, the fabrication, erection cycle, and rapid design of the metal allow the framing system to finish faster than other materials.



High Strength

High Strength

Steel is more preferable than concrete because it offers better compression and tension properties which results in a lighter and easier construction process. The strength of steel construction materials is also much higher than other materials, even ones that are already reinforced.

Not only is steel the stronger construction material, it also has a much higher weight-to-strength ratio compared to other materials. As a result, your buildings are going to be lighter and require less costly and extensive foundations.

Lastly, unlike concrete, there is also a lower chance for erected steel foundations to creep or shrink.




Steel is the premier material when it comes to sustainability because it offers exceptional social, economic, and environmental benefits. Because steel balances all of these elements, it delivers a sound case for its sustainability.

Sustainability is perhaps the primary reason why steel is steadily becoming the construction material of choice for many builders. Today, the steel recycling industry continues to ensure that a good amount of recycled steel is going to be used in the production of new steel. In fact, steel can even be reused without the need for further processing!

Since 1990, the carbon footprint of steel has been significantly reduced because the amount of energy that is needed in the production of new steel has decreased in the past three decades.

The production of steel also helps in the conservation of one of the most important resources in our planet today: fresh water. Only a small amount of water is ever used during the production of steel and no amount of water is used at all in the fabrication process of the metal and even during the construction process of the building itself.



Key Takeaway

Most people tend to take the structural integrity of the buildings and structures they walk in and out of every day for granted. Engineers and contractors try their best to prevent the collapse of these structures by choosing a reliable building material.

For many builders, steel happens to be the number one choice of construction material. Here in the Philippines, there is no denying that this metal is an important component required in establishing a solid foundation. A steel structure, paired with attention to detail and intensive care, is not going to be prone to structural failure and potential disaster.

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