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Base Plate Cutting

Base plate cutting — a process in which “hot-cutting” is commonly applied to a base of sheet metal called a “Blank”. The cut being formed may follow an open path to separate a portion of material or a closed path to cut out and eliminate edges for a precise end-product.

The main purpose of base plates is to disperse load bearing area from a steel column to a concrete foundation and prevent failures in the structure. Depending on the design and load bearing capacity of the columns, Column bases serve as an interface between columns and concrete structures.

Base plates come in a variety of structural designs. Flat base, angle flat, rectangular, and circular base are among a few to mention. They also vary in thickness but are all typically built from carbon or stainless steel.

Regan Industrial Sales Inc has been utilizing cutting-edge technology for base plate cutting services in the Philippines. Whatever your project’s requirements and specifications for plates are, rest assured, we can offer exactly what you need, from the raw materials to the end-product required.

Our cutting facilities allows for a faster and more efficient process than other methods of cutting, as it employs the latest technology that delivers more output with lesser power consumption, consistency, exceptional detailing, the ability to duplicate shapes with improbable accuracy, superior edge finish, and a seamless output.

Furthermore, we also have personnel with years of experience working with our machines. They are constantly trained to perform at the highest level, on top of that our team will work closely with you to provide an efficient and streamlined process — from designing through laser cutting and the final production.

Our base plate cutting services are used in a wide variety of industries, including construction, automobile, various consumer products, electronics, and many more.

For more information, or to answer any questions that you might have, get in touch with the Regan Steel team today.